Celebrating Neurodiversity

Ever since my autism diagnosis, 7 years ago, women have been asking me to write a book on autism/neurodivergence. And I finally am! Provisionally titled Wired Weird: a neurodivergent woman’s guide to reweirding the world! It’s for every woman who’s ever been called weird… or worried that she was. If you are neurodivergent and want… Continue reading Celebrating Neurodiversity

Wild Initiations

Join me for a powerful series of intimate conversations with an inspirational group of authors, artists, healers and therapists. These are women whose work has inspired my own, whose paths, like mine, have brought them to the heart of the dark wood. Benefit from their personal insights on the journey to claiming their spiritual and… Continue reading Wild Initiations

Crow Moon

I have traveled through many initiations consciously and unconsciously in the past decade and a half, under the light of many moons – reaching for the moon, moon time, honeymoon, babymoon – each corresponding to an archetype born within me. The initiation to motherhood and the emergence of the Creative Rainbow Mother archetype. The initiation… Continue reading Crow Moon

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New Book hits #6

The Kitchen Witch Companion: Recipes, Rituals & Reflections officially launched everywhere today. And it is currently at #6 in Witchcraft on Amazon UK… This is a BIG category and an incredible achievement. Help us hit the top 5! Share a picture of your copy if you pre-ordered from us.  Buy a copy for yourself or… Continue reading New Book hits #6

Culture Night 2023


I am so delighted to be taking part in Cork Culture Night this year. This is a wonderful tradition of free cultural happenings that happen all over the county on one Friday evening every year in September. This year Culture Night is Friday 22nd September.  I will be joining Susan Herlihy for Cré agus Ceol… Continue reading Culture Night 2023

The Kitchen Witch Companion

I so enjoyed illustrating The Kitchen Witch Companion: recipes, rituals and reflections, that I co-authored with Sarah Robinson. We and our readers loved the enchanting cover art by @jessicasroux for the first Kitchen Witch book, so we asked her to create a confection of kitchen delights for this second cover. When it came to internal illustrations we… Continue reading The Kitchen Witch Companion

She of the Sea

My tenth book, She of the Sea launches in July. She of the Sea is a lyrical exploration of the call of the sea and the depth of our connection to it, rooted in the author’s personal experience living on the coast of the Celtic Sea, in Ireland. This book spans from coastal plants to the… Continue reading She of the Sea

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