Lucy, what you are doing is a great service for women. Your work joins the momentum of changing the paradigms and shifting what will come. Thank you for growing this consciousness. For our daughters and their mothers, thank you.

ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, USA.


Lucy Pearce is a luminous voice in global change – a voice that calls out for a return to balance of the feminine and masculine energies to heal the very world all beings depend upon to continue existing – preferably thriving. 

Paula Youmell, RN, author Hands on Health, USA


What you’re doing is really useful, necessary and important and not many people have had the courage, the wisdom or the determination to do what you’ve done. You have created these places of reflection where we can go and peer deeply, and see ourselves reflected back. You have created a very sacred well, a source of wisdom and affirmation for women.

Phyllis Curott, author of five books on Wicca, USA


Lucy is a true leader of women. She inspires and opens our minds to new alternatives and is always one step ahead of everyone else; always overflowing with ideas that guide us back to our core self.

She is an old soul who just knows: full of wisdom and guidance beyond her years. I am in awe of her energy to write in such a beautiful and insightful way, and her incessant drive to keep producing such ground-breaking and deliciously soul-warming material.

Amy, journalist, Ireland.


Lucy is clearly a woman of, and on purpose – such a joy to meet an open-hearted soul whose work is a direct reflection of her-self. There is no separation. Her honest, raw creative and passionate nature cannot help but inspire you…to be you. Let your soul meet her work, if you dare!

Lorraine Ferrier, Natural Fertility Expert, UK.


Love your work, love your writing. Thank you for your commitment.

Jane Bennett, author The Pill, The Moon Inside You and women’s educator, Australia.

“Your acts of beauty and courage break the silence and bring warmth into the shadows. I salute you sister.”

Amantha Murphy, author and teacher, Ireland

” You are a way shower helping others to feel free to show themselves too. “

Sophie Messager, author and teacher, UK


I’m so f***ing glad Lucy wrote The Rainbow Way. I know that she wrote it because she was told to. I know it was dictated from the heavens. I know it because I can feel it when I read her words.

When I got it, I consumed it whole within two days. I just couldn’t stop reading it. It felt like such a balm to my soul. I wish I’d had it at the beginning. I’m so glad it’s here now. 

Recommended for: Mothers. Every single one of them. Seriously. I mean it.

Leonie Dawson,  creative entrepreneur, bestselling author, Australia.


If you poke around Lucy’s site and see all the ways she works in the world, you will be touched by her palette, vivid and vibrant, and by her generosity. Lucy’s work invites us all to step closer in to our own self-expression and in doing so, step closer to others exploring the territory of creative expression while mothering.

I too yearn to blaze as brightly as Lucy. I am sure other readers will turn towards their next creative forays with greater bravery and enthusiasm, knowing that Lucy is at their side, like a sister, cheering them onward.

Suzi Baum, author, Anthology of Babes, USA.




Thank you Lucy, for every word you send into the world, that heals us all.

Karen Molloy

I have been so moved by your words, your honestly and openness.
You have influence my life by your writings quietly for a few years but very loudly over the past year. I love, love, love Moods of Motherhood and your blog.

We have set up a women’s circle thanks to you and been inspired by your links.

THANK YOU and WELL DONE and this IS what life is all about. Being, living sharing who we are. I am inspired and in awe of you.

Amanda, UK.

Lucy! Let me thank you. You don’t know it but your words have healed me time and time again. In reading your blogs I feel a primitive and primal femininity, a honouring of womankind. I am so grateful to you! I just wanted to send you this to remind you of the soulful, vibrant wombyn you are.

Gemma, UK.


I know why I love you and your books: it’s because you’re really authentic. You share with us your reality and your visions honestly, without trying to embellish it. You share what you feel, what your journey is without positioning yourself as a professional who knows better. You share how sometimes you have to battle with yourself to overcome what is here. You share how you struggle at every moment of your road and that it’s okay to live that. You show us that it’s possible to give birth to our inner truth, our inner wisdom, our mission in life and that we, too, we can birth that wherever we are. You show us that our uniqueness is valuable and needed and that we can reconquer that. You show us the courage needed, the courage of vulnerability, the courage to trust, to trust enough to dare diving into the unknown. The courage to have enough faith to stop wanting controlling things and let who you are, your body to be a channel through which what needs to be said can be said… Reading Burning Woman was a really huge, great and deep experience for me and it really sounds to me that Medicine Woman is the companion book I need to have at this time of my life.

Stephanie R., Switzerland


Your article on Creativity and Motherhood in JUNO magazine really inspired and motivated me. It gave me the seed of an idea which has now grown into a real business making money! (I say this as I can’t quite believe it myself!) I really wanted you to know how you have altered the course of my life in the best way possible.

Misty Tunks, Makey Mamas, UK.


I feel like I have soooo much to thank you for even though I have never met you!

I want you to know you have helped me so much over the last few months. Via you I have found so many other wonderful women doing incredible things, and resources that are really helping me. So I just wanted to say a big thank you for heading me in the right direction.

Lisa, USA.

Thank you so much for writing Moon Time. For spreading your wisdom. For helping women acknowledge and access their power.

You are doing such important work, Lucy. I’ll be recommending you to my mama friends.
Thank you again for so openly sharing your wisdom. You have gifted me with the tools to bring back my womanly magic that was misplaced for far too long.
Kay, UK


Lucy was immediately likeable, a ball of energy. It was like crossing the ultimate earth mother with Bridget Jones (not just down to the English accent) with Oprah Winfrey. … But most importantly she’s real…

Katie Seward, course student, Ireland

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