Creativity is at the heart of my life as an author, visual artist, editor and creativity teacher. I’ve always been fascinated about the creative process and those who dedicate their lives to it. So join me and my guests – writers, artists, creatrixes, magical woman – for profound and practical conversations about what creative magic means to us.

Our creativity is one of the things that defines us as a species. Our culture is woven from the creative acts of others – music, symbols, films, art, books – but we tend to focus on these objects, not the process and people behind them. Creative Magic is about why we create, how our creations impact the world and how creating transforms us, what it touches in our depths, giving voice to the magic of the unspoken experience of human creativity. Our history books are full of the work and experiences of male artists, writers and musicians, those who created within recognized cultural movements. Creative Magic will focus primarily on female creative experience, what it looks and feels like, hopefully bringing your awareness to the many creative women filling the gaps for ourselves, our daughters and granddaughters.

It’s about the creative process and about magic – the mysterious, irrational, the unseen inner worlds and unknowable forces of the universe that we often tap into through our creative acts, making them tangible or visible. It’s also about creative magic – our inner experience and shared experience of what that is… the way a piece of music or a painting can move us to tears, the way a group of disparate humans become as one when they are an audience in a theatre or concert, about the feeling of something far larger that comes through us as we write or paint. I have gathered together creatives and magic makers from many creative fields – artists, writers, musicians, actors, poets – who inspire me with their work.

Join me and my guests each week for profound and practical conversations about what creative magic means to us. We’ll reflect on what, how and why we create, what drives us…and what stops us in our tracks. We share honestly how we find the time and energy to make magic in the midst of life’s challenges and why we keep on saying yes to our creativity. The conversations are raw, real deep dives into our creative magic, to inspire, encourage and nourish you

The first season of is the Wild Initiation series features my immensely popular intimate conversation series recorded to celebrate the launch of my new book Crow Moon – Toko-pa Turner, Phyllis Curott, Amanda Yates Garcia, Molly Remer, MJ Cullinane, Danielle Dulsky, Seren Bertrand, Sushmita Mukherjee… as well as new guests Looby MacNamara, Hilary Rose, Sarah Robinson, Dorrie Joy and many more…

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