Lucy H. Pearce is a multiple Amazon bestselling author, publisher, vibrant artist, teacher and mother of three.

Her life-changing non-fiction books include:

Lucy has contributed to a number of book anthologies from: Tiny Buddha; BlogHer; Wild Sister and She Rises. Her work is featured in If Women Rose Rooted and her art has featured in magazines, diaries and calendars around the world.

The former contributing editor at JUNO magazine, Lucy is the founder of Womancraft Publishing, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women. She is passionate about helping midwife creativity, and offers editorial services at Lucent Word.

She has blogged on creativity and motherhood at Dreaming Aloud.net for nearly a decade. Her articles have appeared in newspapers, websites and magazines around the world. She is much in demand as a guest teacher and speaker at telesummits.

She lives in a little pink house with white shutters, in the village of her birth on the coast in East Cork, Ireland where she co-creates a living and the care of her family with her husband.


Some may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…

That line from John Lennon has been known to make me cry.

Because being a dreamer in this world can feel lonely and scary. We have big beautiful dreams but learning to live them out loud, helping them to bloom, and supporting ourselves in the process – that’s the work of heroes, and often we feel anything but.


1-Labyrinths of sand

I understand what it takes to move ideas from seed to fully rooted plant. I know the creative process inside out. In the words of one blog reader: “Lucy gets shit done!”

I know what it’s like to be highly sensitive and under-confident.  To struggle with depression and anxiety. I know completely. Please, please don’t let that stop you for a second. The way out is through. Through creativity we heal ourselves… and all those whose lives we touch. This I know as truth.

And it matters. Don’t for a second think it doesn’t. Or that you can put it off for another moment. Our world needs all the colour and innovation we can give right now. Our communities, global and local, are hungry for people of vision, projects of hope, people standing fully in their power not dominated by fear.

We need to find the courage to harness our greatest visions and live them out. We need to embody our values. Dare to live authentically. Risk vulnerability. Face down shame, repression and taboo. Dreaming new dreams not only for ourselves, but for the entire human race.

Each of our voices matter so much. Our collective energy is so desperately needed in these transition times.

Together we can create change.

About Dreaming Aloud

Dreaming Aloud is a hub and creative portal – a virtual community, inspiration tank and resource centre – for world changers, creatives of every rainbow hue, artists, writers, mamas, free thinkers, dreamers all…

Here at Dreaming Aloud we celebrate:

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  • Radical self-care and revolutionary approaches to health
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  • Experimenting with new ways of living, balancing creativity, work and parenthood…


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