My New Podcast!

I am delighted to announce that my podcast – Creative Magic – has launched! After several years of dreaming and the fabulous feedback from my Wild Initiations conversation series I have taken the plunge. LISTEN NOW ON SPOTIFY OR APPLE Creativity is at the heart of my life as an author of 12 books, visual… Continue reading My New Podcast!

A Letter for You

It takes at least a year to process a diagnosis like this. That is what the psychologist who diagnosed me told me For me it was pretty much exactly a year. A year of reading, researching, drawing, writing, thinking, reflecting, crying…lots of crying. Big messy soul wrenching fits of tears. Anger. Frustration. As well as… Continue reading A Letter for You

Celebrating Neurodiversity

Ever since my autism diagnosis, 7 years ago, women have been asking me to write a book on autism/neurodivergence. And I finally am! Provisionally titled Wired Weird: a neurodivergent woman’s guide to reweirding the world! It’s for every woman who’s ever been called weird… or worried that she was. If you are neurodivergent and want… Continue reading Celebrating Neurodiversity

Wild Initiations

Join me for a powerful series of intimate conversations with an inspirational group of authors, artists, healers and therapists. These are women whose work has inspired my own, whose paths, like mine, have brought them to the heart of the dark wood. Benefit from their personal insights on the journey to claiming their spiritual and… Continue reading Wild Initiations

A Document of Hope

From childhood through to my mid-thirties I was a utopian dreamer. I truly believed that we could co-create a bright new world, that we could transform and heal. And then the last few years happened. Breakdown on a personal level, at the same time as historic breakdown on a global level. I remember one day… Continue reading A Document of Hope

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Reclaim Your Creative Magic


I want to help you move from overthinking to joyful creating.Feeling fully alive and in flow, connected and supported.Playing with colour, symbol and words… Having fun as you create. Join me for Reclaim Your Creative Magic, my brand new 4 week e-course to kickstart your creativity. Whether you are longing to dip your toe into… Continue reading Reclaim Your Creative Magic

Crow Moon

I have traveled through many initiations consciously and unconsciously in the past decade and a half, under the light of many moons – reaching for the moon, moon time, honeymoon, babymoon – each corresponding to an archetype born within me. The initiation to motherhood and the emergence of the Creative Rainbow Mother archetype. The initiation… Continue reading Crow Moon

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Calling all Creative Entrepreneurs

I have just rejoined Leonie Dawson’s Biz Academy. This is the place I learned so much of what I have needed to create my online business. Leonie is bubbly, colourful and engaging and speaks my language…amply littered with swear words! She is a neurodivergent creative powerhouse and excellent teacher. Her marketing techniques work and are… Continue reading Calling all Creative Entrepreneurs

New Book hits #6

The Kitchen Witch Companion: Recipes, Rituals & Reflections officially launched everywhere today. And it is currently at #6 in Witchcraft on Amazon UK… This is a BIG category and an incredible achievement. Help us hit the top 5! Share a picture of your copy if you pre-ordered from us.  Buy a copy for yourself or… Continue reading New Book hits #6