WORD + image … New Online Adventure Enrolling Now

It’s Saturday morning. I thought I was going to be having a quiet weekend after the launch of two books last month… but nope…this wasn’t letting me alone until I shared it with you. I’ve said no to it several times this year. But now space has opened up and it’s time, it’s time… Join… Continue reading WORD + image … New Online Adventure Enrolling Now

We step up. Shaking.

I realise that each time I shake with fear, each time I feel the constriction of deep anxiety, it is because I am coming into direct contact with the invisible structure of patriarchy – the power matrix – that which keeps us in place, keeps us small and scared and silent. The invisible dome, like… Continue reading We step up. Shaking.

Burning Woman

My new book, Burning Woman, is for all women who burn with passion. Have been burned by shame. And in other places, at other times would have been burned alive for what they do and who they are. It is written for every woman who has struggled with expressing herself. Every woman filled with burning… Continue reading Burning Woman

Your Authentic Voice

In this course – the first dedicated writing class I have offered in nearly ten years – I share with you the powerful techniques I have developed for connecting to your authentic voice: the one that longs to be born through you. This is the class that I have been looking for… and never found.… Continue reading Your Authentic Voice