I am the author of 12 non-fiction books for women, several of which have been Amazon #1 best sellers in multiple categories. “Life-changing” is the word that has been applied to my books again and again by my readers around the world. For that I am honoured and grateful.

I write from the first-person perspective of the traveller and from the timeless dimensions of the soul, whilst fully grounding my words in a sound foundation of the history of ideas, my undergraduate subject and life-long passion. I call this Living Philosophy.

My books are rooted in the wisdom of many voices, especially female, from across disciplines and cultures. Central to each of my books are the experiences of other women: a living, breathing circle of women who are living the material that I am writing about.

Each of my books is like a string of prayer beads, threaded with longings, pain, wisdom, poetry and stories of a hundred voices. They are written as I navigate new terrain in my life, as an offering to myself and all those who might need a companion on a path that is not well-illuminated by our culture.

Each is less a book of answers than a book of questions: a creative weaving of evidence and ideas into the articulation of a dream of how things could be better. They are unapologetically rooted in my own embodied reality and intuitions.

My writing is not for everyone.

But it may be for you.

The creative, the dreamer, the edgewalker, the highly sensitive, the neurodivergent, the magic maker, the questioner…

I write for those of us who have always felt alone, who have chosen the path less-travelled, who for whatever reason do not feel we belong to the world at large. For those who travel by the light of the moon, who have found it necessary to hide in the shadows, to mask our weirdness, to bite our tongues and swallow our truth, to make ourselves smaller, to dim our glow. Who have never quite fit…and yet longed to. Who after years of denying our strange gifts are finally, finally owning them, are daring to step out and be seen as we are, without apology… at last, at last.

You are not alone. There is a whole community of us. Growing by the hour. Thinking, writing, creating, sharing…

Welcome home!

“I know why I love you and your books: it’s because you’re really authentic. You share with us your reality and your visions honestly, without trying to embellish it. You share what you feel, what your journey is without positioning yourself as a professional who knows better. You share how sometimes you have to battle with yourself to overcome what is here. You share how you struggle at every moment of your road and that it’s okay to live that. You show us that it’s possible to give birth to our inner truth, our inner wisdom, our mission in life and that we, too, we can birth that wherever we are. You show us that our uniqueness is valuable and needed and that we can reconquer that. You show us the courage needed, the courage of vulnerability, the courage to trust, to trust enough to dare diving into the unknown. The courage to have enough faith to stop wanting controlling things and let who you are, your body to be a channel through which what needs to be said can be said… Reading Burning Woman was a really huge and deep experience for me.” Stephanie R

In Many Languages

As well as their native English, many of my books have been translated:

Reaching for the Moon is available in Polish, French, Dutch, German and Korean.

Moon Time is available in Spanish, Slovenian and very soon in German and Russian.

Burning Woman is available in Polish and soon Turkish.

Creatrix and Moods of Motherhood are available in Polish.

Available Worldwide

My books are available from:

  • Amazon stores around the world in paperback and Kindle.
  • Burning Woman and Medicine Woman are available in audiobook – read by me.
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Crow Moon: reclaiming the wisdom of the dark woods

#1 Amazon bestseller

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

“Suddenly the sky overhead is alive. From east and southeast, west and northwest, large black birds fly, travelling in their groups of hundreds, swirling, cawing, interweaving, dancing a greeting in the air. The sky is thick black feathered. We watch in awe as they combine and dissipate above our heads, as though we are lying on the bottom of the ocean, looking up at the surface world. Then, without signal or warning, they circle the heart of the wood and land in hidden roosts. Silence falls once more.”

After months of feeling lost and burned out, a chance encounter with crows begins an adventure in the dark woods – inner and outer – leading to a strange and powerful initiation.

Three-time Nautilus award-winning author Lucy H. Pearce’s previous best-selling book Burning Woman was an initiation of fire and She of the Sea an initiation of water, Crow Moon is an initiation of earth and air, a way back to the heart of ourselves through wild revelation.

Strikingly illustrated by the author, with contributions from over 30 women – artists, healers, authors – midlife women who have also been called by the strange magic of crows at decisive moments in their lives.

Enter the dark woods. Follow the crow, the moon and the mushroom on a journey of transformation and remembering.

Powerful, stunning, and transformative writing.

Mary Lunnen, author of six books including Your Compass Rose Speaks

Like breadcrumbs along the path, Lucy Pearce sprinkles stories, images, and insights about the crow as she leads us deeper into the dark woods of our imagination in search of our authentic selves. This is a book to meditate on and nest in, often. It is filled with the everyday magic of life.

Mary Reynolds Thompson, author of Reclaiming the Wild Soul

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The Kitchen Witch Companion: Recipes, Rituals and Reflections

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

The Kitchen Witch returns in this beautifully illustrated companion book to Sarah Robinson’s bestseller Kitchen Witch: food, folklore and fairy tale….including many of the traditional and seasonal recipes referenced in that book.

Best-selling authors Sarah Robinson of Kitchen Witch, Yoga for Witches and Yin Magic and Lucy H. Pearce of Burning Woman, Creatrix and Medicine Woman combine forces with a diverse international coven of kitchen witches to share their favourite recipes, rituals and reflections on the magic that can be found…and made in the kitchen.

This is a book to be read curled up in a comfy chair, before being covered in earth as you gather in seasonal goodness and splattered with sauce as you cook! The first half of The Kitchen Witch Companion is a nuanced reflection on the fantasy and reality of making magic in the kitchen. The second half is a seasonal collection of recipes and crafts, foraging and ferments, spells and simmer pots, meditations and blessings to inspire you to create, celebrate and gather throughout the Wheel of the Year.

This is the sort of book you need to be reading in front of an open fire with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake. Taking your time so that you can truly appreciate the wonderful content. The authors have come together to create a beautiful book on the amazing art of Kitchen Witchcraft. Pull up a chair and put the kettle on, you are in for a real treat.
Rachel Patterson, author of over twenty-five books on witchcraft

Practical, healing and celebratory, this gorgeous collaboration is a wonderful weaving of kitchen- witch wordsmithery which will accompany you on an enchanting journey through the alchemical abundance of recipes and rituals. Beautiful and brilliant.
Veronika Sophia Robinson, author of The Mystic Cookfire 

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Moon Time: Living in Flow with your Cycle

3rd edition: May 2022

ISBN 978-1-910559-78-9

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

1st & 2nd editions were consistent Amazon #1 bestsellers


Hailed as ‘life-changing’ by women around the world, Moon Time shares an embodied understanding of the menstrual cycle. Full of practical insight, spiritual wisdom, empowering resources and creative activities, this book will help reconnect you to the cycles within and beyond your body.

  • Learn to live in flow with your cycle and the moon
  • Find balance in life and work through charting
  • Heal PMS naturally
  • Work with menstrual archetypes
  • Create ritual and ceremony: menarche, mother blessing, menopause, red tent

Whether you are coming off the Pill, wanting to understand your fertility, struggling with PMS, healing from womb issues, coming back to cycles after childbirth or just wanting a deeper understanding of your body, Moon Time is an empowering read.

This extended tenth anniversary edition is fully revised and updated, and includes a diverse range of voices sharing lived experience of many facets of menstruation: endometriosis, perimenopause, menstrual migraine, PCOS, gender dysphoria, PMDD and neurodivergence.

With new sections on:

  • Yoga for moon time
  • Perimenopause
  • Chocolate and herbs
  • Expanded and updated resource section.

Lucy, your book is monumental. The wisdom in Moon Time sets a new course where we glimpse a future culture reshaped by honoring our womanhood journeys one woman at a time.

ALisa Starkweather, author and founder of Red Tent Temple Movement

This book could change your life! Rachael Hertogs, author Menarche: A Journey to Womanhood

A beautiful and inspiring book full of practical information and ideas. Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon and The Optimized Woman

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She of the Sea

#1 Amazon Bestseller

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

She of the Sea is a lyrical exploration of the call of the sea and the depth of our connection to it, rooted in the author’s personal experience living on the coast of the Celtic Sea, in Ireland.

This book spans from coastal plants to the colour blue, pebbles to prayer, via shapeshifting and suicidal ideation, erosion and immersion, cold water swimming and water birth, seaweed and cyanotypes, from Japanese freedivers and Celtic sea goddesses, selkies to surfing, and mermaids to Mary.

She of the Sea is a strange and wonderful deep dive into the inner sea and the Feminine, exploring where the real and the magical, the salty and the sacred meet, within and without, and what implications this has for us as both individuals…and a species in these tumultuous times.

Dreamlike, meditative, poetic, She of the Sea is a love song. To the ocean. To becoming. To magic. To freedom.

With contributions from thirty sea-loving artists, musicians, cold water swimmers, mothers, environmental educators, witches, mermaids, priestesses and writers from around the world, who share their love for the stretch of sea they call home, from the Irish Sea to the Caribbean, via the Mediterranean and the North Sea, the Pacific and the Atlantic.

This book will transform and reinvigorate your relationship with the sea. A delicious sea-scrap book, Pearce weaves myths and science into an enveloping net, and empowers the reader to return to the sea, informed and enchanted.
Alice Tarbuck, author of A Spell in the Wild

‘She of the Sea’ is a devotion to the sacred depths and breadths of the sea. If you have ever felt or heard the call to dip your toes in the salty liminal space between the ocean and earth, you’ll find this book a beautiful reminder of all that you can find there.
Lyn Thurman, author of The Inner Goddess Revolution

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Creatrix: She Who Makes

Nautilus Silver Award Winner

#1 Amazon Bestseller in UK and US

ISBN 978-1-910559-49-9 

Creatrix is more than just a fancy name for a female artist. She is artist plus…artist plus priestess, artist plus healer, artist plus activist: her work has both sacred and worldly dimensions. She is an energy worker first and foremost, weaving energy into form, colour, words and sound, in order to transform herself and those her creations touch.

What does it mean to live a life in service to your creativity, and in direct connection to the creative source?

Creatrix shares…

  • Powerful practical insight into all parts of The Creative Way.
  • The unique challenges for women artists and writers.
  • How to align with your authentic voice and The Work that calls you.
  • Techniques for harnessing your powerful creative energy and dealing with fear, anxiety, creative blocks.
  • How to earn your living creatively: building a social media platform, working sustainably, creating multiple income streams, networking when socially anxious…
  • How our creativity can be our most potent transformational medicine.

With Creative Inquiries and Practices, this interactive book is written for all those that must create in order to live: for the Highly Creative, the Highly Sensitive, the multi-passionate, for those that shake when they share…

Soulful, serious-minded, irreverent and authentic, let Creatrix take you on a journey to the heart of your creative soul.

Creatrix is a heartfelt and soul-stirring reminder that our creativity, intuition, and desire to help and heal are powerfully connected and so very needed in the world today. Every page felt like an invitation to remember who we really are as creative beings. I’m so glad this book exists!
Flora Bowley

As a woman artist and writing my life is devoted to the practice and study of creativity and how it works. So I love seeing the way that Lucy has uplifted creation, with both mystical and practical tools for women to access the power of creation. Every bone in our body is a creative bone, but sometimes we can forget that. Her work celebrates the access to the prowess possible for us when we create!
Shiloh Sophia McCloud,  Founder of Intentional Creativity®

Creatrix is soulful medicine that speaks empowering encouragement to women artists, writers, healers and energy workers of these specific times. Lucy weaves truth, inquiry and much needed practical guidance into the timeless and potent experience of saying YES to the creative Work that calls us… in all its mysterious, dynamic ways. I highly recommend it!
Hali Karla,

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Nautilus Silver Award Winner

Medicine Woman

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-910559-338 

Medicine Woman is the eagerly-awaited sister book to Nautilus Silver-Award-Winning Burning Woman from Amazon bestselling author, Lucy H. Pearce.

This audacious questioning of the current medical system’s ability to deal with the modern epidemic of chronic illness, combines a raw personal memoir of sickness and healing, woven through with voices of dozens of other long-term sick women of the world and a feminine cultural critique that digs deep into the roots of patriarchal medicine. Pearce takes us from its ancient Greek roots, through the influences of the Enlightenment and Christianity, the wholesale destruction of the wise woman tradition and Western colonial destruction of native medicines to the current technocratic, capitalist model of medicine.

Medicine Woman asks the uncomfortable questions that our culture refuses to face:

  • Why chronic illness, mental health issues, medical prescriptions and costs are rising exponentially.
  • Why women are the major sufferers of the modern epidemic of auto-immune conditions.
  • Why women are twice as likely to be medicated for depression.
  • Why women tend to be taken less seriously by medical professionals.

Medicine Woman voices a deep yearning for a broader vision of what it means to be human than our current paradigm allows for, calling on an ancient archetype of healing, Medicine Woman, to re-vision how we can navigate sickness and harness its transformational powers in order to heal.

Packed with dozens of healing arts exercises and hundreds of medicine questions to help integrate body and mind in the healing process. Like Burning Woman, this book promises initiation by transmission, reconnecting us directly with the soul of healing.

“Lucy Pearce is a luminous voice in global change – a voice that calls out for a return to balance of the feminine and masculine energies to heal the very world all beings depend upon to continue existing – preferably thriving. Medicine Woman is needed wake up words in a world gone numb.” Paula Youmell, RN, Wise Woman Nurse®, author Hands on Health and Weaving Healing Wisdom

“In Medicine Woman, Lucy H. Pearce continues her invaluable work of reawakening the Sacred Feminine and connecting women to their inherent wisdom. Pulling back the curtain on the male-dominated medical model of the current era, Pearce reveals the systematic and intentional suppression of feminine knowledge and intuition, and in doing so invites modern women to reclaim their own healing journey. The Medicine Woman archetype is needed in our culture now more than ever as women awaken to the healing power and potential that lies within each of us.” Amy Bammel Wilding, author, Wild & Wise: Sacred Feminine Meditations for Women’s Circles and Personal Awakening

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Burning Woman

Nautilus Silver Award Winner

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

ISBN:  978-1910559161

Burning Woman is a breath-taking and controversial woman’s journey through history—personal and cultural—on a quest to find and free her own power. Uncompromising and all encompassing, Pearce uncovers the archetype of the Burning Women of days gone by—Joan of Arc and the witch trials, through to the way women are burned today in cyber bullying, acid attacks, shaming and burnout, fearlessly examining the roots of Feminine power—what it is, how it has been controlled, and why it needs to be unleashed on the world during our modern Burning Times.

Burning Woman explores:

  • Burning from within: a woman’s power — how to build it, engage it and not be destroyed by it.
  • Burning from without: the role of shame, and honour in the time-worn ways the dominant culture uses fire to control the Feminine.
  • The darkness: overcoming our fear of the dark, and discovering its importance in cultivating power.

This incendiary text was written for women who burn with passion, have been burned with shame, and who at another time, in another place, would have been burned at the stake.

With contributions from leading burning women of our era: Isabel Abbott, ALisa Starkweather, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, Molly Remer, Julie Daley, Bethany Webster,  . . .

Filled with burning questions to inflame the Burning Woman within—be warned—this book could change your life.

“Lucy H. Pearce’s Burning Woman carries the torch of the sacred Feminine into the dark corners of women’s unexpressed and unfulfilled desire and power. She dares us to burn down that which does not serve life, to use our fire to transform the world.” Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House, bestselling author The Invitation; The Dance; What We Ache For

Lucy Pearce has given voice to what a generation of women are feeling and burning to express.I celebrate this book and celebrate and acknowledge Lucy Pearce as a wise, wild and courageous woman who has written a very important book of our time. A must-read for all women! A life-changing book that fills the reader with a burning passion and desire for change!” Glennie Kindred, author and illustrator of 11 books on celebrating the Earth and ourselves.

“Burning Woman is a passionate call to wake up both to our present reality and to entrance ourselves to the remembrance of our power. Lucy’s prose is poetic, raw and dances on the edge of outrageous – where outrageous means to defy what we have been taught and have accepted to our detriment. I am proud to call myself a burning woman…” Jane Meredith, author of Journey to the Dark Goddess and Circle of Eight:Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth

I would like to share with you two books and a writer who is really making a difference. One of her books changed my life and upon starting the second a few days ago I can see this one doing the same.

The first one is Burning Woman by Lucy H. Pearce
This book teaches us not only the effect the patriarchy has had on us as women but the way it effects us all. It identifies areas we have been taught to be insecure and to live to “good girl” standards through societal conditioning. It is a must read for any individual looking to open their eyes to the effects of patriarchy, capitalism and consumerism.

This book changed my life and made so much of my trauma, trauma responses and anxiety make sense. I am forever greatful to Lucy for putting herself out there and writing it.

The second is Medicine Woman, Burning woman’s twin sister. This book gives a take on how the world we live in is making us sick. If your someone who struggles with chronic illness, has struggles with Dr’s, diagnosis, changes in medication, mental health issues, fatigue, digestive issues and the list very much goes on this book is for you. This book gives an explanation on how YOU are not the problem but it is very much the world we live in and the way we are forced to live.

It’s only by educating ourselves and eachother will we be able to make any changes. These issues affect every single one of us regardless of gender and it is hugely important we work together to make the changes we need. Together, we are stronger than the systems that are making us sick.” Zara

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The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood

The Rainbow Way

#1 Bestseller on Amazon!

Publisher: Soul Rocks

ISBN: 978-1-78279-028-0

A soulful guide for creative mothers, which shares the wisdom and insight of 50 creative mothers – potters, painters, dancers, directors, crafters and lots of writers, including:

  • Jennifer Louden (best selling author of The Woman’s Comfort Book and many other titles),
  • Pam England (founder of Birthing from Within),
  • Indigo Bacal (founder of Wilde Tribe),
  • Julie Daley (writer, photographer and coach),
  • Foreword by Leonie Dawson (artist and entrepreneur in women’s empowerment).

This truly life-changing book shares:

  • a lost maternal archetype: The Creative Rainbow Mother
  • how to balance creativity and motherhood
  • how to create time and space for creativity
  • how to get unstuck creatively – overcome perfectionism & procrastination
  • ways of nurturing a creative family

The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood is destined to resonate with mothers of all ages. This book is a welcome companion for all mothers navigating the dual, intertwining and sometimes conflicting joys of motherhood and creativity in service to their families and to the world. Pat B. Allen | author Art is a Way of Knowing and Art is a Spiritual Path.

Lucy’s book is a gift of beauty that feels like a waterfall of sweet nectar flowing upon the flower of our soul.  Walking beside us each step of the way, she encourages our unfolding dance of creativity with a rainbow of inspirations and ideas. Guided by Lucy’s vibrant support, each woman will traverse her unique path of creative self discovery… a path that leads us to the exquisitely fulfilling experience of inner communion and outer expression. Mara Berendt Friedman | Celebrated artist of the sacred feminine


Signed copies and Creative Rainbow Mama giftsets

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Reaching for the Moon – a girl’s guide to her female cycles

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

ISBN: 978-1910559086


Written for girls aged 9-14 introducing them to the menstrual cycle in simple, soulful language, taking the form of a gentle, meaningful initiation into womanhood.

Reaching for the Moon incorporates stories, real womens’ experiences of their first periods, and answers girls’ most burning questions about periods and their bodies in a loving, age-appropriate way.

Contents include:

  • Ideas on how to celebrate their first period.
  • Practical guidance on choosing sanitary products.
  • Holistic health care for the menstrual cycle.
  • Guidance on self care as an emerging woman.

This is the guide that empowered and caring mothers, aunts and godmothers want for the girls in their lives.

A must-read for all our daughters! Melia Keeton-Digby, author, The Heroines Club

A beautiful, insightful book that every girl should have clenched to her heart. The most life-affirming gift you could offer. Wendy Cook, founder, Mighty Girl Art™

A message of wonder, empowerment, magic and beauty in the shared secrets of our femininity … written to encourage girls to embrace their transition to womanhood in a knowledgeable, supported, loving way.

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Polish language version.


160 pages

June 2017

Publisher: Womancraft Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-910559-222

Full Circle Health

A creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers and bullet journals to guide and support you in a greater understanding of your physical, mental and emotional health.

Whether you are menstruating or not, pregnant or post-partum, Full Circle Health provides a highly flexible, deeply supportive way of tracking your health, whatever your current health conditions.

Find guidance on:

  • Cycles and why they are important for women’s health
  • Health charting for a variety of physical and mental health conditions
  • Menstrual charting
  • Lunar charting
  • Dream charting
  • Guided journaling

With 35 daily charting spreads, a monthly habit tracker, planner, and charting grid, this integrated tool will help you to track symptoms, medication, self-care, energy levels, build positive health habits and mindful awareness.

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– The 3 Month Charting Journal (from Amazon)

– Printable charting pages from Womancraft Publishing


Moods of Motherhood

268 pages.

2nd Edition: November 2014

Womancraft Publishing

ISBN: 1910559032

A compilation of my best-loved posts on motherhood from my popular blog, Dreaming Aloud, my columns from JUNO magazine and many new pieces, never before published. According to one reader, “This book puts the mother, back in motherhood“. “It is no ordinary parenting book” but full of my trademark searing honesty and raw emotions. It will make you laugh, cry and feel deeply accepted – wherever on your mothering journey you may be.

Topics include: pregnancy and birth, happy days, anger and fierceness, sleep, playfulness, grief, love, patience, tenderness, homemaking… it is illustrated throughout with beautiful black and white photographs.

“Each page of this book contains a piece of truth that speaks to my soul. All at once, her words make me laugh, cry, breathe sighs of relief and wish to hug her. This book is a gold mine of must-read loveliness that every mama will enjoy.” Summer Thorpe Lancaster

“Lucy’s frank and forthright style paired with beautiful, haunting language and her talent for storytelling will have any parent nodding, crying and laughing along – appreciating the good and the bad, the hard and the soft, the light and the dark. A must-read for any new parent.” Zoe Foster, JUNO magazine

“I laughed and cried all the way through this book, and identified with so much of it! Hugely recommended to all mothers!” Rachael Hertogs, author Menarche: a journey into womanhood

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