As a late-diagnosed autistic woman I struggle with high levels of anxiety…yet I am also called to share my voice. Some of the highlights have been being a keynote speaker and teacher at The Witches Revival in Lancaster (2023), The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury (2019), teaching at Cork Feministas and Ballymaloe LitFest. In 2021 I co-led a workshop at the World Parliament of Religions.

I have spoken on more telesummits and podcasts than I can count. I love the format of podcasts, the ability to deep dive – I’m known for my raw honesty.

Here is a selection of my favourite interviews…

The Intuition Conversations – intuition, creative authority and neurodivergence.

Creativity as Sacred, Spiritual and Magical Act with Dr Vanya Leilani on Belonging to the Wild

The Menstruality Podcast – How to Thrive as a Neurodivergent Cycle-aware Changemaker in a Linear World.

Finding Safety, Acceptance and Belonging as a Neurodivergent Woman on Unlock Your Magic

A Pinch of Magick: Giving voice and breaking silence through writing.

A deep dive into my new book, Crow Moon on Turns Out She’s a Witch.

Square Peg Podcast: women’s health, intergenerational autism and giving language to the autistic experience.

Creative Soul Podcast interview discussing the creative process, my writing process and publishing journey.

Turns Out She’s a Witch – a deep dive into the territory of Burning Woman.

The Secret Witch Show – How to reclaim the magic of our sensitivity

Goddess Book Chat – with Motherhouse of the Goddess discussing my book She of the Sea, my writing process and what I’m currently reading.

The Secret Witch Podcast – exploring archetype and shadow work

How Neurodivergent Women Can Shine a Light for Each Other – discussing being a late-diagnosed autistic woman with fellow late-diagnosed ND, Lian Brooke Tyler of Primal Happiness

Creatrix in lockdown – Primal Happiness interview on how the pandemic has impacted our creativity.

You Are the Creatrix – Angie Litvinoff – The Catalyst Season

Casual Temple with Merrily Duffy – Creative Magic: Exploring Writing Creativity and Spirituality

Home to Her – a deep dive into the role of Sacred Fear – get your tissues out for this one

The Way of the Sensitive – talking about sensitivity and creativity

The Becoming Podcast with Jesse Harrold – Creativity and motherhood as rites of passage

Trust Talk Sessions – Reflecting on Trust Lost and Found with Joni Advent Maher

The Spiritual Feminist explores my book Burning Woman

Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow – discussing Burning Woman with Joni Advent Maher

The Medicine of Feminine Archetypes – Primal Happiness

Witch Tube review of Burning Woman 

The Spirited Entrepreneur – discussing my book Moon Time, cycle living and working

Creative Giants… Creative Motherhood and Working in Synch with Your Cycle