Audios and videos


An interview with Lucy on women and the creative process.

Listen here.


Burning Woman

A video interview with me about the Burning Woman experience. Watch here

Listen to an audio of the first chapter of my newest book, Burning Woman, an incendiary initiation to feminine power. Listen here.

Overcoming shame and fear and moving towards your dreams

A powerful – and emotional – interview by Susy Kilby as part of the Unlocking Your True Potential summit. Watch here.

Cultivating Creativity

Listen to the interview I did on the Look Good, Feel Great Summit for Mothers in January 2014.

In this 30 minute interview I:

  • Discuss how to kick-start your creativity and reclaim the space and time in the midst of motherhood you need to get creative.
  • Reveal why motherhood is the perfect time to get creative.
  • Explore the creative renaissance that happens for many women during pregnancy and new motherhood.
  • Help you to reclaim your creativity and own your talents … without you having to do ANYTHING else!

Download interview here! Lucy Pearce summit talk for mothers

Honouring your Crazy Woman

A 20 minute audio recording created for Leonie Dawson’s wonderfest of inspiration in October 2011: The World’s Biggest Summit.

In it you will:1-The Crazy Woman

  • Learn about the Crazy Woman archetype
  • Begin to recognise how you treat her now
  • Learn new ways of living with, and loving her!

To find out more about The Crazy Woman and healing PMS naturally check out my book, Moon Time. For more about The Crazy Woman for creative women and mothers check out my book – The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood.

Free to download right here:

Here’s what women around the world are saying about Honouring Your Crazy Woman:

I´m writing to let you know how your words in the World Biggest Summit touched me. It was SO strong for me to hear about the Crazy Woman! Next day I felt myself calmer and almost in peace. For the first time in years I felt less guilty about my terrible humor — or at least less guilty to be crazy.

Alessandra, Brazil

Boggling at @DreamingAloudNt‘s #WBS talk on the Crazy Woman. I literally froze in motion with recognition. Powerful stuff there! 

Elli di Julio, USA


FREE Moon Time Charting Resource

For many women their menstrual cycles are shrouded in mystery.

Often we can feel overwhelmed and confused by the seeming turbulence of our female bodies and unpredictability of our moods.

My Integrated Moon Chart combines the biological and spiritual aspects of your cycle to give you a deeper understanding of your own rhythms, so that you can find balance within yourself.

Download your free Integrated moon chart  here! And find out more about them in my book Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle.


A selection of my favourite podcast interviews and features.

Goddess Book Chat – with Motherhouse of the Goddess discussing my book She of the Sea, my writing process and what I’m currently reading.

Creative Soul Podcast interview discussing the creative process, my writing process and publishing journey.

How Neurodivergent Women Can Shine a Light for Each Other – discussing being a late-diagnosed autistic woman with fellow late-diagnosed ND, Lian Brooke Tyler of Primal Happiness

Creatrix in lockdown – Primal Happiness interview on how the pandemic has impacted our creativity.

Home to Her – a deep dive into the role of Sacred Fear – get your tissues out for this one

The Way of the Sensitive – talking about sensitivity and creativity

The Becoming Podcast with Jesse Harrold – Creativity and motherhood as rites of passage

Trust Talk Sessions – Reflecting on Trust Lost and Found with Joni Advent Maher

The Spiritual Feminist explores my book Burning Woman

Trust Your Sacred Feminine Flow – discussing Burning Woman with Joni Advent Maher

The Medicine of Feminine Archetypes – Primal Happiness

Witch Tube review of Burning Woman 

The Spirited Entrepreneur – discussing my book Moon Time, cycle living and working

Creative Giants… Creative Motherhood and Working in Synch with Your Cycle