I am a vibrant colourist


I paint the inner world of dreams, archetypes and pure energy.

Symbols emerge which speak the language of the soul – the moon, spirals, trees, cherry blossom, feathers, birds and women’s bodies in all their beauty.

Colours, patterns and energies shimmer and swirl: there is a sense of flow and meditative movement in my paintings that demands contemplation from the viewer, a shifting to another state of being.


Using a multi-layered intuitive painting technique, I build up layer upon layer of rainbow colour: my paintings evolve from abstraction to dreamlike imagery.

My more recent work incorporates my new found love of zentangles.




Some of my artwork is available as greetings cards from the Womancraft Publishing webshop.

8-04_08_2012 Unfurling 9_39


  • February 2020: SelfCare 2020 Vision, US.
  • February 2019: Ausome Conference, Cork, Ireland.
  • April- May 2016: Group exhibition, ProCreate Project travelling exhibition – Museum of Motherhood, NY, USA; South Bank University, London, UK.
  • December 2015: Group exhibition, ProCreate Project artist mothers. Goldsmith’s College, London.
  • May 2014: Group exhibition, Mid-May Arts Festival, Midleton, Ireland.
  • November 2013: Solo exhibition – The Rainbow Way, Shanagarry, Ireland.
  • September 2012: Bandon Arts Festival, Ireland.
  • August 2012: Solo exhibition – Unfurling, Shanagarry, Ireland.


My art sits in private collections in the US, UK, Ireland and Dubai.

1-Painting by Lucy H Pearce - The Mother


My art has appeared in the Earth Pathways Diary and calendar, La Leche League UK magazine and calendar, Rhythm of the HomeHolistic ParentingThe Mother and JUNO magazines. You will see it on the cover of Eleanor Brown’s single We Will Not Be Lost To These Times, on both editions of Reaching for the Moon and the first edition of Moods of Motherhood, as well as internal illustrations in Moon Dreams Diary 2018, The Heroines Club, Full Circle Health and The Rainbow Way. I have also created logos for Womancraft Publishing, Dreaming Aloud  and Mindful Doulas.


Ephemeral Art

I also have a passion for creating ephemeral art: labyrinths of sand, pebble spirals, mandalas of flowers… I refer to them as random acts of beauty in the blog.