Celebrating Neurodiversity

Ever since my autism diagnosis, 7 years ago, women have been asking me to write a book on autism/neurodivergence. And I finally am! Provisionally titled Wired Weird: a neurodivergent woman’s guide to reweirding the world! It’s for every woman who’s ever been called weird… or worried that she was. If you are neurodivergent and want… Continue reading Celebrating Neurodiversity

A Document of Hope

From childhood through to my mid-thirties I was a utopian dreamer. I truly believed that we could co-create a bright new world, that we could transform and heal. And then the last few years happened. Breakdown on a personal level, at the same time as historic breakdown on a global level. I remember one day… Continue reading A Document of Hope

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A Decade of Books

It is hard to believe that this month marks a decade of being an author. What a ride it has been! I am so, so deeply grateful to each and every one of my readers, most especially those of you who have been with me since the early days and have seen me grow and… Continue reading A Decade of Books

We step up. Shaking.

I realise that each time I shake with fear, each time I feel the constriction of deep anxiety, it is because I am coming into direct contact with the invisible structure of patriarchy – the power matrix – that which keeps us in place, keeps us small and scared and silent. The invisible dome, like… Continue reading We step up. Shaking.