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  • Brand New E-course – Structuring the Soul of Writing

    I have just launched my much-asked for Creative Editing E-Course – Structuring the Soul of Writing. I consider this to be the second part to my Your Authentic Voice course which I have been promising for years – it’s been over 4 years in the […]

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  • A Decade of Books

    It is hard to believe that this month marks a decade of being an author. What a ride it has been! I am so, so deeply grateful to each and every one of my readers, most especially those of you who have been with me […]

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  • A Strange Paradox

    Coronavirus. It’s a strange paradox. Australia is out of toilet paper. All Italian schools are shut down. Many countries are entirely sold out of face masks and hand sanitiser. International events are cancelled. I have not stockpiled anything. Have never bought hand sanitiser in my […]

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  • Capture


    Someone commented on a Facebook post of mine the other day that I write books the way other women have babies. One a year. I had never looked at it like that. But I was the woman that had 3 babies in 4 1/2 years. […]

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  • Capture

    Creatrix: She Who Makes

    I’m so excited to announce that my new book is ready to pre-order.  Creatrix – She Who Makes will launch on November 30th 2019.  And my, is she beautiful…and big. She’s a bigger format than any of our previous books, at 235 x 190mm (think the […]

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  • Elena Ray

    Burning Woman – Live!

    This is a wake-up call to the Burning Woman within you. A reminder. These are burning times and they call for Burning Women. Join me, Lucy H. Pearce, for a remembering through words, movement, and ceremony of the power of Burning Woman for the very […]

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  • 1 IMG 20180525 153412309

    I am a Unicorn

    (Here for my resource list…? You can skip to the end of this post). I am a grown up autistic woman. I am not supposed to exist. When you think autism you probably think boys. Or children. It’s okay, most people do. But grown ass […]

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  • 3 IMG 2674

    Suddenly It All Makes Sense

    All the pieces are falling into place. As if by magic. One after another after another, as though, which they are, they are all interconnected. This has been a week I will never forget. Of revelation after revelation. It has been like a week of […]

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  • Lucy Quote 2

    Upcoming Interviews

    I have done quite a few interviews in the last couple of months, often having to re schedule multiple times because of ill health. These were two of my all-time favourite interviews, both dive deep, and they explore quite different terrain… but for anyone struggling […]

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  • 1 IMG 1400

    My grandfather’s paintbox

    I have been contemplating trying watercolours again for a long time. (Trying new things always takes me a long time.) But what keeps stopping me is that the colours in the old painting tin that I inherited from my grandfather – an architect and talented […]

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