Anxiety: Running Through the Magic Wall

Yesterday I was having a conversation with someone about anxiety. It was obvious from how they were talking about it that they did not experience crippling anxiety on a regular basis. They were trying to find logical explanations… and solutions… to help the person in their care.

This morning as I was walking back from school the invisible portal wherein the wisdom of the world is kept opened up… and delivered me this wisdom.

Anxiety, for those of us who suffer from it, is like a brick wall. It seems impossibly solid and impenetrable. The thing you are wanting… but also terrified of… is on the other side of it. Helpful folks tell you just to ignore it.

You can’t ignore a wall.

But no one else can see the wall. So they can’t see just how solid and real it is.

There is a great cartoon of this… for lots more visual depictions of anxiety go here.

Image result for anxiety wall cartoon

I’m not sure whether these folks have ever tried running at a wall head first, but chances are if they did, they didn’t come off the winner.

And so, naturally, when we see a brick wall, we do what our protective instincts tell us… back up.

But here’s the thing, the wall, it’s a magic wall, like the one in Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4.

Image result for platform 9 3/4

You believe you will bounce off the wall, but actually, when you KNOW that there is a world waiting for you on the other side… you can get through what seems solid and formidable.

When you run at this wall, it magically disintegrates.

But first you have to disbelieve your mind, when it tells you that it is an ordinary wall that will hurt you.

It is not.

And you are not a Muggle.

This anxiety… it’s a superpower… and you, my dear, can walk through walls.

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