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    Your Authentic Voice

    In this course – the first dedicated writing class I have offered in nearly ten years – I share with you the powerful techniques I have developed for connecting to your authentic voice: the one that longs to be born through you. This is the […]

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  • Dreaming Aloud is Dead – A Declaration of Independence

    Part of the cycle of creativity is death. A vital part of the process is letting go of the old. Dreaming Aloud is now in its seventh year. I have travelled long and far from the young woman who started it in my twenties. I […]

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  • Vote For Us Buttons 300x25021

    Vote for Us!

    A hundred years ago women could not vote. A hundred years ago we also did not have the internet. But now we have both… so you can vote for this darling blog in the Blog Awards Ireland, 2015, where we have been shortlisted – for […]

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  • Multi Passionate Creatives

    The Creative Polygamist, Or Why I Have No Time for a 1D World

    Often I feel like a 4D person in a world that wants 1Ds… No, no, before you all eat me alive, not THAT 1D… though my daughter knows I’m hardly their biggest fan. No, I’m talking about 1 dimensionality. In social media land we are […]

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  • 1 IMG 2419

    Allow Yourself to Be an Amateur

    In this world of success, and experts… of people looking for their big break, of five steps to stardom and instant celebrity… of Pinterest perfection and Instagram insanity… amateur is a dirty word. We all want to go pro. To prove our expertise. And in […]

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  • Me

    What’s Up?!

    Hello loves… Just wanted to check in and say hi. It’s been quiet on the blog, recently, I know. I don’t feel too guilty about it – there’s plenty of other good stuff out there on the internets to be filling your heads with! I’ve […]

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  • Elena Ray Revolution Gift Economy

    Revolutionary Economics: Why The Gift Economy Is Not The Answer (right now anyway)

    I came across Mirror Living’s profoundly beautiful work in her recent guest post on Marketing For Hippies. I made contact with her straight away, as her message resonated so strongly with me and the ideas we have been exploring here on Dreaming Aloud about money, […]

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  • Be your own Publisher e-course: Free Promotional Interview Series

    A Letter at Launch Time (from My Vulnerability to Yours)

    I sent out a letter of the same title to my mailing list this week… someone responded saying “I thought vulnerability was a good thing,” which made me laugh. I’ve always considered my vulnerability a weakness. It’s the thing that stands between me and being […]

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  • TheCreativeGiant LucyPearce1

    The Creative Giant Show

    Just a quicky – as we are beavering away on the Be Your Own Publisher e-course which launches at the end of the month.   Be sure to sign up HERE for the FREE interview series which starts on the 23rd February. It will be […]

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  • How I STOPPEDtrying To Be

    How I Stopped Trying to Be Superwoman and Took on a Dream Team

    “I’ve got enough work for three of me.” This was me. To anyone who would listen. In 2013. Not enough money for three of me. Just work. But sometimes it takes a little lot of time. And courage. After years of being a lone wolf, […]

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