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  • BurningWomanWeb

    Arise Burning Woman!

    So it is time to share my new book… Burning Woman. Below you can read part of The Invitation… and burning words that heroines of mine have shared after reading her. I am still learning her lessons day by day, choosing between love and fear as I step […]

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  • DSCN0191 E1462266948169


    Your work sings a song That only you can hear. You may be too distracted, too scared Too caught in the mirror of others to hear it, Until one night As dusk falls and the blackbird sounds its homecoming call Behind its voice You hear […]

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  • Cherry

    Pay Attention to What they Tell You to Forget

    “Pay attention to what they tell you to forget.” Muriel Rukeyser Pay attention to the sadness in your heart, the numbness of your soul. To the places they tell you not to look. Do not avert your eyes. But breathe deep and look deeper. Pay […]

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  • Looking in the wrong places

    For years we have been looking in the wrong places. Clever scientists in white coats with pens in their top pockets Promised to save us from our madness if they could just Hoe our heads, weed our white matter. They’ve been Looking for the place […]

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  • Negotiating with the Muse: Sometimes I Say to a Poem

    In an ideal world I would get up at 10, after a leisurely read in bed, scribbling notes in my journal as I read. Then after a lingering bath, I would paint naked with my hands and eat chocolate. A steamy shower would be required […]

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  • Kitchen Alchemy of a Yummy Mummy

    When I’m feeling sad and blue.Or just don’t know what to do.  I step up to the hob, my pans a-gleaming Setting them going bubbling and steaming Roasts and risolles, soups and stew Frying, grinding, braising too Spices and herbs to heal my woes Garlic […]

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  • Sweeter with you

    In between the drama of almost, and the saga of Merrily starting school, we had the most wonderful family holiday in the UK – sunshine, picnics in the park, full days at the playground, ice creams and water play, pond dipping, seeing loved ones, a […]

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  • The kiss of death

    The kiss of deathLingers on my heartI did not see it comingNor invite it in.Few of us do.But it is there, indelible,And to my surprise its message is…Dance whilst you canNot because you should or you oughtBut because the song in your heartThe rhythm of […]

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  • Shattered

    My nights are cut in piecesThe fabric of sleep shatteredBy wails and wrigglesA hallucinatory no-timeBetween wake and sleepSuspended in longing for darkness and dreamsFor silence and space.Here I lie.Shattered.Crammed between two bodies that need me.That call me their mother.What am I?I cannot feel myself.I hold […]

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  • A Mother’s Prayer

    Just going through the archives and saw this – love it, so wanted to share it again! All mothers  Who art down the road, in the house next door, all around the world, Hallowed be thy names, Thy time will come, thy work will be done. You give this day the daily […]

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