Arise Burning Woman!

So it is time to share my new book… Burning Woman. Below you can read part of The Invitation… and burning words that heroines of mine have shared after reading her.

I am still learning her lessons day by day, choosing between love and fear as I step into my own power. Shaking, quaking, grateful to have been shown the ways of burning, the fire process, grateful for her wisdom. I long to share her words with you.

She is burning her way into the hearts and souls of women around the world, sparks flying, blazing new trails, calling us into our power.

She is whispering in a voice as loud as tomorrow: it is time.

Can you hear her?

Burning Woman book and author Lucy H. Pearce

“This book is a wake-up call to the Burning Woman within you. A reminder.

These are burning times and they call for Burning Women. This is your time, come out of the shadows and burn brightly.

This book is a song of Burning Woman. A book of remembering through words, visions, poems and practices. Of uncasting the mind-spells of ego-bound masculinity… and an invitation to reinhabit your powerful body. It is a book that celebrates a woman in her power. You… and me. It is a book of a hundred voices – prayers and petitions to awaken the Burning Woman within each of us, to call up our courage to step into her.

It is a hymn to the powerful woman. The crazy woman, the mad one, the witch, the hag. The creative woman: the dancer, the poet, the artist. The activist. The sexual woman. The strident woman. The playful trickster. The passionate woman. The wild mother. She who follows her own spirit, who dares to put herself first, who shouts in the face of authority and follows her heart not their god. She who dares to give voice to what is inside her, who shakes things up and burns them down. She who quakes with rage and rolls with laughter, who moans with pleasure and wants more. She for whom every piece of life needs to have the marrow of its bones sucked, who dances naked, and eats with her fingers. She who stamps and says no. She who stands in the doorway and will not let them in. She who opens her legs and dives into her juices with delight. She who dares. She who does what they say cannot be done, must not be done. She who tries and fails. She who does it her way. She who longs to walk topless in the sunshine and dance naked in the moonlight.

It is for her, and all of us, who long to be more like her wherever on the path we may be. We who have sniffed the smoke as she walked past our door one hot summer afternoon and thought, I long to burn, but I mustn’t, I’m too afraid, too old, too young, too busy. I don’t know how. I’d lose my job, my husband would divorce me, my mother would disown me, my friends would laugh.

This is for you, Burning Woman… ARISE!”

Burning Woman book by author Lucy H. Pearce

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Burning Woman book by author Lucy H. Pearce


“Lucy H. Pearce’s Burning Woman carries the torch of the sacred Feminine into the dark corners of women’s unexpressed and unfulfilled desire and power. She dares us to burn down that which does not serve life, to use our fire to transform the world.” Oriah “Mountain Dreamer” House, bestselling author The Invitation; The Dance; What We Ache For

“Lucy Pearce has given voice to what a generation of women are feeling and burning to express.I celebrate this book and celebrate and acknowledge Lucy Pearce as a wise, wild and courageous woman who has written a very important book of our time. A must-read for all women! A life-changing book that fills the reader with a burning passion and desire for change!” Glennie Kindred, author and illustrator of 11 books on celebrating the Earth and ourselves.

“Burning Woman is a passionate call to wake up both to our present reality and to entrance ourselves to the remembrance of our power. Lucy’s prose is poetic, raw and dances on the edge of outrageous – where outrageous means to defy what we have been taught and have accepted to our detriment. I am proud to call myself a burning woman…” Jane Meredith, author of Journey to the Dark Goddess and Circle of Eight:Creating Magic for Your Place on Earth

“Gripping, grounded, affirming and real. I wish I could gift every girl and woman I know a copy of this book. We deserve more than a bland flat surface description of ourselves as women – or airy fairy feminine metaphors – we are vast beyond measure and complex and we are indeed burning.” Clare Campbell, artist and creative activist, founder of Big Love Sista CIC and Wild Woman

“In an era when Western feminism seems too often about loudly celebrating woman as victim, this is a refreshing book. Yes, sometimes we get burned, but allowing the fire to fuel our strength is a far more intelligent response. Lucy’s vibrant words are a sound reminder, and a joy to read.” Emma Restall Orr, author, Kissing the Hag 

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  1. Good Evening Lucy H Pearce. I wanted to ask your permission to use a quote from your book on a tattoo piece I am making about my transformation in my life.
    Your writing is inspiring to not only women but to so many out there struggling to find the strength to love and accept themselves as they are- or finding the courage to change.

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