Celebrating Neurodiversity

Ever since my autism diagnosis, 7 years ago, women have been asking me to write a book on autism/neurodivergence. And I finally am!

Provisionally titled Wired Weird: a neurodivergent woman’s guide to reweirding the world! It’s for every woman who’s ever been called weird… or worried that she was. If you are neurodivergent and want to share your experience of reclaiming your weirdness – unmasking, finding belonging, claiming your uniqueness and owning your gifts, I’d love you to contribute. Sign up to the special mailing list and I’ll be in touch very soon.

If you or someone you love are walking the path of self discovery or diagnosis of autism, I have put together a blog post on my own diagnosis and a MASSIVE list of resources I have found helpful on my own journey and interviews I have given on the topics of neurodivergence and high sensitivity.

If you are navigating neurodivergence and wanting resources, tools, insight and inspiration, then check out the following books.

I am blessed through my passion and work to have an ever-growing library of titles on my special interests… neurodivergence being one of them. This is about a third of the ND titles I own, and it’s the cream of the crop. IMHO. All except the last are written by neurodivergent authors.

  • The Highly Sensitive Person predated the whole Neurodiversity movement, coming out in the 90s when few of us were diagnosed. It is a touchstone book.
  • I am Aspien Woman is a beautifully visual book, shying away from Asperger’s as diagnosis and towards it as positive, diverse identity.
  • Unmasking Autism is truly excellent, all about masking.
  • I’m honoured to have written the foreword to the Rainbow Goddess anthology from Girl God (we have signed copies on the Womancraft Publishing shop.)
  • Refuse to Choose again was written in the 90s and will chime strongly with many multipassionate ADHD/AuDHD folk.
  • Aspergirls is a good basic primer to what Asperger’s looks like and how it affects girls in all major areas of life.
  • Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety – does what it says on the tin… exploring how the two intertwine.
  • PDA by PDAers is a look at how Demand Avoidance presents and what it feels like.
  • I also am featured in Jenara Nerenberg ‘s excellent Divergent Mind, where she attempts to broaden the idea of neurodivergence beyond its current narrow diagnostic scope.
  • Organizing Solutions for People with ADHD. Full of so many practical gems.
  • And shout outs to another couple of favourite which I have on Kindle: Odd Girl Out by Laura James
  • The Electricity of Every Living Thing by Katherine May
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