Reclaim Your Creative Magic

  • Fed up with feeling stuck?
  • Beaten down by your inner critic?
  • Feeling blue and uninspired?
  • Creatively blocked?
  • Envious of the creativity of others?
  • Don’t know where or how to start?
  • Longing to unlock what’s inside you?

I want to help you move from overthinking to joyful creating.
Feeling fully alive and in flow, connected and supported.
Playing with colour, symbol and words…
Having fun as you create.

Join me for Reclaim Your Creative Magic, my brand new 4 week e-course to kickstart your creativity.

Whether you are longing to dip your toe into creativity for the first time or are an experienced creative who has hit a creative block, perhaps you’re stuck at home ill, recuperating, or with young children or working long hours and feel like there’s no time or space to create in. This course can meet you where you are and help you reconnect with your creative flow, building creative engaging activities into the corners of your life.

If you’re wanting to start 2024 in style, join me and an international community of like-minded folk as we reclaim our creative magic.


Thank you to Lucy, for being such a generous and inspiring teacher.”

Katie, previous Creative Sanctuary participant

Creativity is my lifeblood. But I’ve got a secret to share with you. Despite being a prolific creative – 12 books, 7 e-courses and dozens of paintings over the last 14 years – I regularly get creatively stuck. The voice of the inner critic gets too big. I get crippled by anxiety and overwhelm. And I have to go back to basics. I am going to be sharing with you many of the creative practices and insights that I have discovered and developed over the years. The tools that get me out of my creative funk and back into creating with joy again.

“I’d lost my mojo and hadn’t done any art for a while, but this course really grabbed me and made me realize “You’ve got ten minutes, you can go create something.” I’ve got a really demanding job, but now I can just take ten minutes, sit and create something and that will take away the stress of the day. I’m so proud of myself for giving myself permission and time to do this course, it’s reignited my love of all things creative.”

Sue, previous Creative Sanctuary participant

This is a course that people have been begging me to run for years… since I first wrote The Rainbow Way. When I spoke at an event in Lancaster about my book Creatrix, dozens of women came up to me afterwards saying: yes, I want to get creative again…but I don’t know how to start.

Whether you’ve read any of my books before or not, doesn’t matter. Let’s get creating!

Brighten up the dark January days, bringing colour, joy, insight and community into your life via the magic of the internet. The course spans the creative arts so that you can dabble in many creative pursuits, try your hand at new things, dive deeper into things you already love with fun and freeing prompts and exercises to engage you.

Reclaim Your Creative Magic runs from Sunday 21st Jan – 15th Feb 2024

You will receive:

  • A magical drip feed of creative invitations and inspirations by email on Sundays and Thursdays.
  • A weekly live Zoom class with me on Tuesdays.
  • Membership of the Creative Sanctuary Facebook group.

One of the best things I’ve ever taken part in. They’ve been such wonderfully nurturing workshops.”

Ruth, previous Creative Sanctuary participant



There are three price levels so this course is accessible to you regardless of budget or time constraints.

Bonus Class: Creative Kickstart

Join me for a Free Bonus Live Class on Tuesday 16th January 7pm (UK time) on Zoom. Can’t make it? Sign up for the call and receive the class recording.



I didn’t do art at school/ I’ve always wanted to create but don’t know how to start/ my art teacher was a bitch & put me off art/ I’ve never written/ drawn/ painted before… will I really be able to do this course?

Short answer: YES. You may not be the next Picasso (but who knows, you might be!) but every single one of us is creative. It’s a basic human quality. This course is about engaging with the creative process, and having fun. It’s not aimed at making you a working artist and there are no prizes for perfection. This course is all about saying yes to your creative longings and getting back into the habit of self-expression.

Each of my creative courses has a good number of creative newbies who trust me to help them take the plunge – here’s just a couple from my last course in the Creative Sanctuary:

“I was very afraid to start this. I’ve made many starts and stops into art, but the fear was paralysing. I didn’t know how to be creative but I wanted to so badly. So your course has done that for me. I’ve learned to trust and go with the flow. I’ve enjoyed this course so much and if you ever have another one, I’m going to be one of the first ones to sign up. ”


I’ve never done art before and because of your course when I went on a recent retreat with a group of artists and I happily drew. I was so delighted because I’ve never been able to draw, but now I can say I can create. Thank you from the heart, you’ve given me a skill and a joy.” 


How long will the course take each week?

There will be short activities to do throughout the week to get you back into the creative habit in the corners of your days, as well as our main creative project we will do together on the call, and suggested extensions if you want to dive deeper. Including the calls the course will require 2-3 hours a week

When are the Zoom Classes?

Live Zoom classes will be on Tuesdays 23, 30 January and 6th, 13th February, 7-8.15pm UK time. There will be a bonus introductory session on 9th Jan.

There is zero pressure to have your camera on or to contribute to live calls, but those who do seem to engage more with the class overall.

What if I can’t make a live class?

All calls will be recorded and sent out, so no worries if you can’t make it live because of time zones or prior commitments… just sign up to the Limited or Life Time Access class passes to receive recordings.

When will you be teaching it again?

There is NO guarantee this course will be offered live again, so if it calls to you, grab it whilst you can.

When will I receive my first materials?
The WELCOME video will be sent out to within 48 hours of sign up (Mon-Fri).

Is there a lot of reading?

Unlike previous of my courses there are no long PDFs to read.

Is it just for women?

No, the Creative Sanctuary is open to all genders, but the vast majority of my students are women.

I don’t have and can’t afford lots of fancy art materials? What do I need?

The course is designed to work with a minimum of creative materials that you probably already have in the house – paper, a pen and pencil for writing and drawing, some coloured pencils or markers, old magazines, scissors and glue, some clay and a small set of watercolour paints and a brush. They are inexpensive to buy or can be borrowed from a friend. You will be sent a materials list with your Welcome video. Extension activities will require additional materials – but most can be found or borrowed.

The central focus of the course is finding jumping off points for creative activity in our daily lives. I always work by the motto “Do What You Can, with What You Have…”Learning to see our surroundings with creative eyes. Bring more creativity into our daily lives and spaces and reconnect with creative flow.

I don’t do Facebook
I hear you. Facebook has become a not-so-fun place in recent years. The Creative Sanctuary Facebook group feels like the golden days of Facebook, it is a lovely community where you can share your creations and reflections, and seek support. It is friendly and encouraging, and I pop in several times a week to answer your questions and cheer you on. If you have a Facebook account you can just use it for the group, ignoring crazy old Uncle Bob.

I am always happy to offer a group on Discord, if over 10 participants request it. Just send us an email requesting this when you sign up.

How do I know it’s a good fit for me?

Come along to our Free Bonus Session: Creative Kickstart on Tuesday 16th January 7pm (UK time) live on Zoom. Can’t make it? Sign up for the call and receive the class recording.


Welcome email not arrived? Facebook link won’t work?

Check your Spam and Promotions folders. Email us
Have a question on any of the course content, email me and I’ll address it in the next live class.

I loved it! I felt like a giddy kid back in primary school and a student back at uni. I honestly couldn’t stop once I got started. My obsessive mind is very happy 🙂 

I was impressed with the quality of the lesson. I knew it was going to be well done but this really felt like a university course. Thank you Lucy.”

Katia Wallace @theearthkeepersway


About Your Teacher

Lucy’s work is dedicated to supporting women’s empowered, embodied expression. She is the founding publisher at Womancraft Publishing. Former co-editor and columnist at JUNO magazine, she is a graduate in teaching from Cambridge University in English and Drama.

Her other e-courses include: ‘Your Authentic Voice’ – an extraordinary writing adventure and ‘Structuring the Soul of Writing’ – a creative approach editing and structuring your writing and ‘WORD+image’

Lucy is a multi-faceted creative whose work spans the expressive arts, exploring the lost archetypes of the feminine and symbols of the soul. Her visual art has been used as book covers, book illustrations, in magazines, greetings cards, logos and even on a wine label. She has had several exhibitions and her art sits in collections in the UK, US, Ireland and the UAE. She is a much in demand teacher at international events and teaches regular e-courses on creative writing, editing and publishing.

The mother of three children, she lives in a small village by the Celtic Sea in East Cork, Ireland.

The Creative Sanctuary is a safe space to reconnect with our natural creative flow through guided creative exercises and spiritual insights. It has been a long time in the dreaming, and brings together many threads of my work. Each semester I will offer a different course, taught live, that focuses on a creative process that I love. The intention is to offer you a space to create and reflect, from the safety of home.

The Creative Sanctuary offers:

A welcoming, non-judgmental space to create alone, and yet in community with others.
An online group to stay connected with other participants between sessions. Meet like-minded folk around the world to share the journey with and inspire each other.

The Creative Sanctuary gives us the time and space to experience stillness, focus, intentionality, pleasure, joy and self-esteem. Creating in community further enhances these benefits, as we learn that we are not alone in our struggles, and that others are there to celebrate our creations with us, offer support and encouragement.


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