New Book hits #6

The Kitchen Witch Companion: Recipes, Rituals & Reflections officially launched everywhere today. And it is currently at #6 in Witchcraft on Amazon UK… This is a BIG category and an incredible achievement.

Help us hit the top 5! Share a picture of your copy if you pre-ordered from us.  Buy a copy for yourself or perhaps a gift for a loved one today. 

Available in paperback and ebook from all major online retailers and signed from us at

The Kitchen Witch returns in this beautifully illustrated companion book to Sarah Robinson’s bestseller Kitchen Witch: food, folklore and fairy tale….including many of the traditional and seasonal recipes referenced in that book.

Best-selling authors Sarah Robinson of Kitchen Witch, Yoga for Witches and Yin Magic and Lucy H. Pearce of Burning Woman, Creatrix and Medicine Woman combine forces with a diverse international coven of kitchen witches to share their favourite recipes, rituals and reflections on the magic that can be found…and made in the kitchen.

This is a book to be read curled up in a comfy chair, before being covered in earth as you gather in seasonal goodness and splattered with sauce as you cook! The first half of The Kitchen Witch Companion is a nuanced reflection on the fantasy and reality of making magic in the kitchen. The second half is a seasonal collection of recipes and crafts, foraging and ferments, spells and simmer pots, meditations and blessings to inspire you to create, celebrate and gather throughout the Wheel of the Year.

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