Culture Night 2023


I am so delighted to be taking part in Cork Culture Night this year. This is a wonderful tradition of free cultural happenings that happen all over the county on one Friday evening every year in September. This year Culture Night is Friday 22nd September. 

I will be joining Susan Herlihy for Cré agus Ceol (Clay and music) at Susan Herlihy Ceramics and Gift Gallery in Midleton (where she stocks many of my books). She invites the local community to come and help handbuild a massive pot from local clay. As a potter’s daughter (and granddaughter and niece) this is right up my street.

Says Susan: “The focus is around the journey of clay. Where it has come from , where it has been, how we engage with it and where it is going. To engage with clay on its journey, I find is quite profound and poetic, akin to the rhythm of musical sounds and silences. 

I am inviting the community to create a large pot from local clay. Clay that I’ve gathered , that has fallen from the Ballinwilling beach cliff. Clay that has become adrift and now finds itself being made into a pot by many hands, to be displayed in the Midleton Library.” 

Trad music from 6.40pm – 7.15pm

Darius, geographer, a talk on where clay comes from. 7.15pm – 7.35pm

Jennifer, archaeologist, a short talk on ancient pottery 7.35pm- 7.55pm.  

Trad music 8pm – 8.45pm

I will be reading from my book She of the Sea in the clay room over the course of the evening whilst people are adding their clay pieces to the pot. The pot making will be open for the duration of the evening. 

It will be a very informal evening. The kettle will be on or wee drop of wine. The evening closes at 9pm.   

Susan’s website 

Facebook Event Page

Cork Culture Night

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