Calling all Creative Entrepreneurs

I have just rejoined Leonie Dawson’s Biz Academy. This is the place I learned so much of what I have needed to create my online business. Leonie is bubbly, colourful and engaging and speaks my language…amply littered with swear words! She is a neurodivergent creative powerhouse and excellent teacher. Her marketing techniques work and are ethical. A mama of two, she is all for work life balance.

Her blog was where I found the only person writing online about the Creative Rainbow Mother archetype…and she wrote the foreword for my book The Rainbow Way all about it. Her coming out as autistic on her blog was the reason I realized I was possibly autistic. Her online group was the place I first met so many women who I have collaborated with over the years, including the fabulous Molly Remer of Brigid’s Grove.

Hers was the very first telesummit I took part in – The World’s Biggest Telesummit. On it I met lots of women – some presenting, some listening in – who I’m still connected to today.

Back in the day I won her list builder competition, for the biggest list build from zero with the Womancraft list. Got it from 0-250 in a week I think, when we were still on a simple blog type website and won a 15 min one to one coaching session where she gave us feedback on building the website.

I have done her My Brilliant Year Life and Business workbooks at the end of each year for over a decade. They’re a fab way to reflect on the year gone by – what worked and what didn’t- and to plan the year ahead. You get the PDFs for free when you enrol.

So I was buying my paperback copy on Amazon and thought I’d check in on her blog to see what she was up to, and was stopped in my tracks. Her Biz Academy is currently at the same price it was when I first joined more than a decade ago but with truckloads more content – dozens of e-courses short, medium and long on all aspects of entrepreneurship, planners for your business, call recordings, expert interviews, monthly calls. All for just 99 US dollars. Yes really! $99. No catches. No upsells.

Check it out here…

This price doubles on 30th November. But even then it will be a steal in comparison to most entrepreneurial courses out there.

Want to write a book? She’s got you!

Want to create an e course? Set up a website? Know how to deal with trolls? Double your business? Organise your finances? Build a mailing list? She’s got you covered!

The reason I left before was that I didn’t have time to be using the resources as Womancraft was taking all my time and the price was increasing out of comfortable reach.

Next year is the 10 year anniversary of Womancraft and I’m looking to uplevel my skills again. I’m going to be using her courses on Copywriting, Sales Building and Designing E-courses to do that. I also love the look of several of the e-courses she’s adding in 2024.

I signed right up and highly recommend you do too if it speaks to you. $99 is a complete steal. You have the whole year to access all the content. And then if you choose to continue your membership you’re locked in at that price for the next year.

Sign up now!

I watched her Lead Magnet course as I need to create one for someone’s teleseminar. After procrastinating and drawing blanks for a month on this project, I got it done in an hour thanks to her course… and am very proud of it.

It’s great to have Leonie’s rainbow coloured rocket fuel back in my life. 

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