The Kitchen Witch Companion

I so enjoyed illustrating The Kitchen Witch Companion: recipes, rituals and reflections, that I co-authored with Sarah Robinson.

We and our readers loved the enchanting cover art by @jessicasroux for the first Kitchen Witch book, so we asked her to create a confection of kitchen delights for this second cover.

When it came to internal illustrations we needed a vast array of images, of all the recipes, as well as the herbs and flowers included so that folks can identify them, and they weren’t available from the illustrator we used for the first Kitchen Witch book…so I did them myself… and loved it. There are over 200 illustrations inside, this is a flick through of just some of my favourites… including my dear cat Georgie with a mouse friend.

The Kitchen Witch Companion: recipes, rituals and reflections is available to pre-order now exclusively from Womancraft Publishing
Now’s the chance to order a signed copy to qualify for your pre-order goodies! (Link in bio) It launches everywhere in November

This is a book to be read curled up in a comfy chair, before being covered in earth as you gather in seasonal goodness and splattered with sauce as you cook! The first half of The Kitchen Witch Companion is a nuanced reflection on the fantasy and reality of making magic in the kitchen. The second half is a seasonal collection of recipes and crafts, foraging and ferments, spells and simmer pots, meditations and blessings to inspire you to create, celebrate and gather throughout the Wheel of the Year.

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