Medicine Woman – pre-orders open this Friday

For those of you who follow me on Facebook or  Instagram will know that it’s been a fraught year of bringing through my next book, Medicine Woman: reclaiming the soul of healing — the sister/companion title to Burning Woman.


What a journey it has been. See my emotional reading of the epilogue here just moments after I had finished my final edit.

Our proof copy arrived last week – cover art by the fabulous Hulya Ozdemir, design by us at Lucent Word. I have just completed my final proof of it, and now it’s onto our other proof reader.

So once again I’m a newborn book mama – so, so excited and proud – it doesn’t get any less exciting even on book 8. I am vibrating with excitement that her medicine is going to be released from my bodymind at last and out into the world.



Around the world medicine women I love and honour are reading it to potentially give it their blessing.

Daily I get updates from them. Which I want to share with you…

From America… “Holy shit… You are phenomenal. Brave. Speaking it.”

From the UK… “with every line I read, Goddess bumps rise up all over my body.
This is huge!
The world has been waiting for Medicine Woman.
I am excited, tearful and in absolute awe.”

For the first time pre-orders for signed copies will be available EXCLUSIVELY to Womancraft Publishing subscribers… There’ll be lots of extra benefits coming with pre-order copies too… so if you’re not yet on the mailing list be sure to join… and your pre-order invitation will arrive with you this Friday.

Pre-orders will be sent out by the first week of October.

A Blessing For Medicine Woman
May you reach the women who need you and be a light in the darkness.
May you bring comfort, support and insight, healing tears and the laugh of recognition.
May you remind my suffering sisters that they are not alone,
May you help to show them the bigger picture that is unfolding at this point in history through their powerful bodyminds.
May you help to join the dots and gather the women.
May you bring your crazy wisdom through to heal this fucked up world.

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