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  • Maga

    Visionary Women’s Council

    Where are you at right now creatively? How clear is your vision? How is your relationship to your body? Where are you getting stuck? Join me at The Visionary Women’s Council where twenty women: priestesses, healers, authors, coaches, creatives, intuitives, and conscious entrepreneurs reflect on […]

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  • FCH Cover Web

    Full Circle Health

    Full Circle Health is a side project that emerged when I was stuck on them in the first part of the year. And I’m very proud of it – it’s not just a book… but a charting system!  For most of my adult life I […]

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  • Round HolisticCreativeJournaling1 650x650

    Make Your 2016 Beautiful – Win Big!

    To create is to live fully: To heal. To dare. To dream. To BE.   This is what I believe. This is what inspires this site. My books. My art. All of my work. This is what I long to share with you. When I […]

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  • Spectrum2

    Spectrum 2015 – Creativity and Healing

    I want to tell you about an amazing online gathering (workshop) of artists, healers and visionaries which I am SO excited to be part of… it’s been SO hard for me to keep it under wraps till now. On May 1, we will begin a […]

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    Birthing Ourselves into Being

    What does it mean to belong? To belong to a place? To a community? But even more importantly…What does it mean to belong to yourself? To be yourself so fully that you colour the world around you with your presence and passion? This is what […]

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  • Revolutionary Thoughts: Doing it Together

    I am a lone wolf by nature. Who loves community. In truth I find trust hard. And know I can rely on myself to get shit done. I prefer to motor on ahead than spend hours in meetings where no decisions are reached, or pandering […]

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  • Lines and Circles – A Meditation in Words (4) in the Circle of Stones Series

    “Our life is an apprenticeship to the truth that around every circle another can be drawn; there is no end in nature, but every end is a beginning; under every deep a lower deep opens.” Emerson Circles are one of the simplest geometric forms, we are surrounded […]

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  • Mothers meeting – women’s sacred circles

    Welcome to the circle. Come in with your chatter, take off your coat. Find a place, slip off your shoes, wriggle your toes and tuck them under you. The candle on the centre table is lit. Its golden light softens the tired faces grouped around […]

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