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  • Best children’s music

    I don’t know about you, but most children’s music is like fingernails down a black board to me. Take the Doodlebops. Or Barney. Or the cheap synthesiser versions of nursery rhymes sung by tone deaf cheese-mongers. When you are stuck in a car for hours, […]

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  • Moonlight blessings

    Full moon, fill me full…of love, of courage, of delight. Full moon fill me full of luminous magical moon light. Harvesting hopes, visioning dreams The wise women circle and sway Points of light around the worldGathering herbs and dancing in roundsTo welcome a brighter day […]

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  • Dancing girls

    The sun is shining. “Let’s go out for a walk,” I suggest.“Don’t wanna go out, mum!” my older daughter insists.“We can go and see the chickens, and the pigs,” I wheedle.“Don’t wanna go!” The tone is being ramped up. I cannot face another tantrum. We […]

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