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  • Maga

    Visionary Women’s Council

    Where are you at right now creatively? How clear is your vision? How is your relationship to your body? Where are you getting stuck? Join me at The Visionary Women’s Council where twenty women: priestesses, healers, authors, coaches, creatives, intuitives, and conscious entrepreneurs reflect on […]

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  • Stop Sitting On Your Gold

    Us creatives, we have a habit of putting our blood, sweat and tears in digging and tunneling hard, searching for gold. We find it, we polish it up. But when we take it to market, get scared that maybe it’s not gold. Not REAL gold. […]

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  • Burnout

    From Burnout to Brilliance

    Burnout is the epidemic of our times. That my top post of all time was on healing adrenal fatigue attests to this. You’d think someone who gets to create for a living, should be having fun all day. Burnout should not be a thing. Unfortunately […]

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  • Multi Passionate Creatives

    The Creative Polygamist, Or Why I Have No Time for a 1D World

    Often I feel like a 4D person in a world that wants 1Ds… No, no, before you all eat me alive, not THAT 1D… though my daughter knows I’m hardly their biggest fan. No, I’m talking about 1 dimensionality. In social media land we are […]

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  • 20 Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety And1

    20 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety and Network Like a Pro

    Do you struggle with making conversations with strangers? Does the thought of a party or networking event have you running for the nearest place to hide? Does your mouth dry up, your body start shaking, your mind go blank, and you feel like you might […]

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  • Elena Ray Revolution Gift Economy

    Revolutionary Economics: Why The Gift Economy Is Not The Answer (right now anyway)

    I came across Mirror Living’s profoundly beautiful work in her recent guest post on Marketing For Hippies. I made contact with her straight away, as her message resonated so strongly with me and the ideas we have been exploring here on Dreaming Aloud about money, […]

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  • How I STOPPEDtrying To Be

    How I Stopped Trying to Be Superwoman and Took on a Dream Team

    “I’ve got enough work for three of me.” This was me. To anyone who would listen. In 2013. Not enough money for three of me. Just work. But sometimes it takes a little lot of time. And courage. After years of being a lone wolf, […]

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  • Your2

    Move Over Facebook: Ethical Social Media is Here!

    I, like many of you, have a (slightly unhealthy) reliance on Facebook. I spend a lot of time there… working, networking and of course socialising. I love my Facebook tribes. But as a creative, world changer and dreamer I also have a hefty bunch of […]

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  • Here be business bargains – so hurry!

    A-har-there, me hearties, Paptin Hook here,  (as my littlest says), telling you that today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr! So set your Facebook to Pirate (you can REALLY do this – scroll to the bottom and I’ll tell you how – but prepare to pee […]

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  • My Number One Transformational Resource

    Everyone I meet seems to want to know how to join the revolution – the creative entrepreneur revolution. They see what I’m doing, and feel their own dream calling them. And they want to know HOW:  how do I start a blog/ publish an e-book/ […]

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