Creatrix: She Who Makes

I’m so excited to announce that my new book is ready to pre-order. 

Creatrix – She Who Makes will launch on November 30th 2019.

 And my, is she beautiful…and big. She’s a bigger format than any of our previous books, at 235 x 190mm (think the size of The Artist’s Way and The Heroines Club) 364 pages…and almost 110,000 words…plus illustrations!

We’ve managed to keep every single one of our books under 500 grams…but not this one! Sadly this means shipping is more than usual…so please, please, if you want a signed copy, get it as a pre-order, as we can keep shipping rates lower because we are doing a bulk mailing…otherwise you’ll be better off getting it from Amazon in early December (we are not sure it will be available on Book Depository before Xmas, and it will not be on Kindle until the New Year.)

Click here to place your order

Watch my launch video here and get a peek inside…

Featuring the words of many powerful creatrixes…

Erin Darcy, Clare Jasmine Beloved, Zoe Genet Berthoud, Molly Remer, Mirin Mooney, Jen Wallace, Eli Trier, Eleanor Brown, Laura Whalen, Lewis Barfoot, Lucy Pierce, Marsia Shuron Harris, Rachael Crow, Dawn Conlan-Grant, Tracy Evans

About the Book

Creatrix is more than just a fancy name for a female artist. She is artist plus…artist plus priestess, artist plus healer, artist plus activist: her work has both sacred and worldly dimensions. She is an energy worker first and foremost, weaving energy into form, colour, words and sound, in order to transform herself and those her creations touch.

What does it mean to live a life in service to your creativity, and in direct connection to the creative source?

In this, her ninth book, Lucy H. Pearce, award-winning author of Burning Woman, Medicine Woman and The Rainbow Way shares…

  • Powerful practical insight into all parts of The Creative Way.
  • The unique challenges for women artists and writers.
  • How to align with your authentic voice and The Work that calls you.
  • Techniques for harnessing your powerful creative energy and dealing with fear, anxiety, creative blocks. 
  • How to earn your living creatively: building a social media platform, working sustainably, creating multiple income streams, networking when socially anxious…
  • How our creativity can be our most potent transformational medicine.

With Creative Inquiries and Practices, this interactive book is written for all those that must create in order to live: for the Highly Creative, the Highly Sensitive, the multi-passionate, for those that shake when they share…

Soulful, serious-minded, irreverent and authentic, let Creatrix take you on a journey to the heart of your creative soul.

To be a creatrix is to dedicate oneself to the cycle of creativity – to embodying soul, through impregnation, gestation, birth, nurturing and death in a way that is not really understood in our culture. It is to consciously engage directly with the forces of the Universe on a daily basis. The creatrix gestates her own content and births it out: her art is an expression of her inner world and a reflection of what she has sensed in the outer world. Through this sacred birthing she is transformed, as are those who witness the process or its products. In this sense the act of creative expression is a sacred act of communion for the community.

 A creatrix is not simply a performer or entertainer – though these are elements of what she does – she is a dedicated shaper of consciousness and energy, a culture weaver, a dreamer and midwife of new worlds. She is an asker of uncomfortable questions and a liver of taboos in a world that expects conformity. She is answerable to her own intuition and sense of authenticity, and The Work itself. She follows the call of her soul above the demands of the world. She knows herself more deeply and sees herself more clearly through The Work.

To make buying direct from as sweet as I can, everyone who pre-orders receives:
– A signed copy of the book before it is on sale
– An exclusive Creatrix bookmark
– Instant access to the Creatrix Facebook group.

And then some lucky customers will get some extra goodies:

5 customers will receive a signed print of one of my spirals – choose from pebbles, blackberries, conkers and more (120mm square on thick card)

5 customers will receive a selection of 3 of my art greetings cards.

2 customers will receive a Brigid’s Grove pendant.

1 very lucky person will receive a piece of original artwork that was made for the cover.

T & Cs

-The pre-order offer is only available for up to 4 copies to one address.
-Shipping is calculated according to your region, and is cheaper than it normally would be as we ship pre-orders in a bulk mailing.
-Any items ordered at the same time as a pre-order will be shipped along with the pre-order.

-Pre-order books will be dispatched on or by 28th November 2019. You will be notified by email when they have been sent.

Shipping Speeds

We ship worldwide from here in Ireland. Delivery times are as follows – please note that orders will be shipped prior to the guaranteed Christmas cut off days, but because of seasonal mail increases may be slightly slower than usual:
Ireland 1-2 working days
UK 3-5 working days
Mainland Europe 4-7 working days
US, Canada 10-14 working days
Australia, Asia, Africa, South America 14-20 working days.

Bulk Orders 
We offer a 20% discount for those wishing to purchase 5 copies or more of one title for book groups, red tents, healing communities etc. as well as discounted shipping. You can purchase these on our website and we will refund the 20% and extra shipping.

Bulk orders ship from our regional printers and come unsigned. Signed bookplates and bookmarks can be mailed to you from our offices on request – email us at

Wholesale Orders  
If you run a retail outlet in the US, Australia or Europe and would like to sell Creatrix – She Who Makes or any of our other Womancraft Publishing titles, please drop us an email and we’ll send you our current wholesale catalogue.

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