Reclaiming Your Power

1Do you find yourself feeling scared of others? Worried about expressing yourself? Longing to create, but something’s holding you back? This series of posts has been getting rave reviews from hundreds of women around the world. Authentic. Feminine. Powerful. True.

She Who Dares… Gets Destroyed

Have you ever noticed that she who dares… gets destroyed by other women? This post explores the dynamics behind woman on woman aggression, and its effects.

Shining a Light… on Women’s Shadows

This post explores what our psychological shadows are, how they are formed, and what is unique about the power play between women.

Why Women are Like House Plants

As women we have been taught to step out of our power. In big ways and small, for most of our lives.

Like plants which were once native to the jungles of hot steamy lands, which now languish potted in the corner of  a hot, steamy kitchen. Plants which in their wild state would be 20 foot tall, in the confines of domesticity never get higher than your shoulder. We know we are not in our native environment, we are not rooted in our own expansive life force power, not sustained by the nourishing earth… but because WE have never experienced the wild land of our birth, we know no different.

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