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Be your own Publisher



Be Your Own Publisher: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing

Do you dream of being a published writer?

Wonder if self-publishing is the way forward for you?

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Do you want:

  • To see your book in print?
  • Complete creative control?
  • To make up to 70% royalties?
  • To build your own career as an author or expert?

Then I can help you to join the hundreds of thousands of people every year who are fulfilling their life-long dream to write a book … and see it published.

Self-publishing IS the revolution.
And I want to help you join it.

Be Your Own Publisher: Publish like a Pro
A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing: VIP PACKAGE

For years I’ve been toying with the idea of writing and illustrating children’s books but I didn’t know where to start. One session with Lucy and I had a path mapped out. I’ve just self-published my first book and I couldn’t be happier.

Thanks Lucy for the guidance and also the oomph!

Grace Hamilton, author, The Elephant in the Room

Are you already committed to self-publishing, but wanting reliable, practical, up-to-the minute advice on:

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  • How to format e-books
  • How to choose a printer
  • How to successfully sell on Amazon
  • What to do … and in what order
  • How to build an author platform using social media … and traditional media, so people know who you are… and want to buy your books
  • How to sell your book … including lots of advice and techniques for introverts

I have started the Be Your Own Publisher e-course and I love it.

I feel the dedication and the work and energy you took to create it. It resonates with me.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



Get the practical knowledge, resources and confidence you need to publish yourself with this self-paced, multi-media e-course.

The Be Your Own Publisher e-course comes in three levels.


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Be Your Own Publisher: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing

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  • 14 modules – on every aspect of self-publishing from writing, to e-books, Print on Demand, pricing, marketing…
  • 6 bonuses: ISBNs, rocking Amazon…
  • 14 audios and videos to inspire and support
  • Self-paced e-course
  • Private Facebook group




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Be Your Own Publisher: Publish like a Pro

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  • The Beginner’s Course, Facebook group and Live calls


  • Creative Blogging for Writers
  • Setting Up Your Own Publishing Imprint
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Write your Book in 30 Days
  • Understanding Bestseller Lists
  • Writing a Winning Book Proposal
  • The Self Publisher’s Rolodex


  • Recordings of all author interviews – currently 7… and growing all the time.




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A Beginner's Guide to Self-Publishing: VIP PACKAGE
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The publishing world has changed beyond recognition in the past five years. The days of having to have an agent and puny royalties are gone. As are the days of poor quality self-published books … or needing to remortgage your house to afford a large print run … which go mouldy in your garage.

Self-publishing is no longer a dirty word … and nor is it just for those who have been rejected by traditional publishers. Self-publishing is the FIRST choice that thousands of successful, traditionally published authors are making too.

Because modern self-publishing makes complete sense.

Whether you want to:

  • Publish and share stories you have been writing in private,
  • Create a book to support classes you teach,
  • Build your brand,
  • Start your career as an author,
  • Take your established writing career into your own hands for greater creative control over your work and fairer financial reward…

Self-publishing via e-books and print on demand is an incredible opportunity. And done right can contribute to your income, build your reputation, and even make you a very fine living.

I contacted Lucy because I needed advice on self-publishing. I chose her because of her successes in self-publishing, and because I trusted her judgement and opinions. Lucy is wonderfully generous with her experience and ideas. She gave me insights into issues that I had not even thought of, whilst also looking for the best ways to protect my interests.

Nicky Sullivan, freelance writer, Spain

Sharing insider secrets

As a multiple Amazon bestselling author, publisher, editor with over a decade’s experience, I want to share the secrets I have learned. Publisher’s secrets that most people wouldn’t dare tell you …

  • A real look at book sales (the numbers will surprise you!)
  • How much money professional authors are making.
  • How to make the Amazon bestseller lists.
  • How to create a quality book without a publisher.
  • The top self-publishing mistakes to avoid…

This course will save you vast amounts of time, money and needless mistakes.

Writing my book was the easy part, getting it to a consumable product was another story. Lucy gave me help with self-publishing, creative ideas in relation to resources, spot-on advice for my book launch and overall support. I would recommend Lucy to anyone who is going it alone and a little in the dark. Lucy is inspiring, supportive and practical.

Sile Walsh, author of Self Care


You need the facts – where to publish, how it works, how much it costs, the differences between the main print on demand publishers, how to choose…

They’re here.

But you also need moral support – for the times when it all feels a bit lonely and overwhelming.

This course has this too, in bucketloads.

Facts and figures, links, step-by-step instructions and resources. As well as the support and encouragement as you go it alone.

I’ve got your back. So that you have EVERYTHING you need at your fingertips. To minimize your stress. And maximise your success.

Let’s go make your dreams happen!

I just started your course and am feeling full of gratitude for the insight you share. 

I often panic about spending money, but I am so thankful I have signed up to this course.  Maybe it is just a simple sign to confirm to myself that I am a writer!  And I have been thinking about how your course is so worth the money spent.

All of this has given my writing new life. Thank you!

Nicki Wilkins


What’s Included?LIVE(8)

14 Modules covering ALL the essential information you need to self-publish successfully. These are fully illustrated PDFs with embedded links.

  • Welcome to the Revolution
  • Being a Writer
  • Publish or Self-Publish?
  • Modern Self-Publishing – what are my options?
  • Secrets to Self-Publishing Success
  • Building an Author Platform
  • Writing Your First Draft
  • Crafting Your Final Draft
  • Cover Design Coach
  • Print on Demand Made Simple
  • Understanding E-books
  • Money – Pricing – Sales
  • Successful Marketing for Authors
  • Self-care and Sanity for Authors

6 bonuses

  • How to Create a Book: your step-by-step guide
  • Rocking AmazonLIVE(6)
  • 12 Author Myths Busted
  • My Story
  • Understanding ISBNs
  • The Anatomy of a Book


  • 8 Audios
  • 5 Videos
  • Decision-making charts
  • Worksheets and templates: marketing plan, publishing time-frame, budgeting sheet, self-publisher’s check list…  LIVE(5)
  • Activities to help you bust through blocks and make progress on your book.



  • A private Facebook group – to network with other self-publishing authors, exchange support and resources.

How Does it Work?

The course is hosted on a dedicated, secure e-learning platform. Once you have signed up, you have 24 hour, password protected access to the course.

All modules and bonuses are provided as downloadable PDFs, and all videos and audios are also hosted on the site. They are all available to you at from the moment you sign up. So that you can work through the course at your own pace. And have lifetime access to it.

Everything is there for you. When you need it.

This is crucial as every student will be starting from a different place, learn at their own pace … and come with their own level of knowledge.

You may be starting with a a hazy book idea, or with a part-finished manuscript … or perhaps  you have your book ready to go and need help right now on print on demand logistics, or marketing.

Whatever you need … it’s there for you.

The private Facebook page will help you to connect with other self-publishers, ask questions, share resources and insights. There will be a dedicated thread each week for promoting newly released books that you have self-published or which have price promotions. Lucy will spend some time each week responding to questions.

Publish Like a Pro includes:

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  • EVERYTHING in the Be Your Own Publisher Beginner’s package


  • All the recordings from the Author Interview Series (currently 13 interviews … you will ALSO get access to ALL new interviews as they are done.)


  • The Self Publisher’s Rolodex
  • Blogging for Writers
  • Setting Up Your Own Publishing Imprint
  • Understanding Bestseller Lists



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