GreenFernAn integral part of Dreaming Aloud has always been supporting other dreamers, by spreading the word about what they have to offer. I promote projects and products which I love, from people I admire, much of the time simply for good will. However if they offer an affiliate program then I see this as a win-win-win situation. Then great products get shared, and my family gets financial income from my work. You pay the same price as if you’d gone direct, but I am given a financial reward for making the connection between you and the company involved (please note that affiliate links contain cookies). It goes without saying that I only recommend products that I genuinely believe in, created by people I trust, that I have used myself and loved.

Regular affiliates who I work with are:

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  • Leonie Dawson
  • Amazon
  • Wild Sister magazine
  • Deanna Lam
  • Flora Bowley
  • Moo printing


Feedback from all readers who have purchased products from all these people has been overwhelmingly positive.

NEW! Become a Dreaming Aloud affiliate

I am also the process of setting up an affiliate system for my books and e-courses. Do join the mailing list to find out when this launches, so that you can make money whilst spreading the word about my work.

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