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  • Call yourself a feminist? (2)…Well, no!

    Despite being grateful to feminists, and having read many of their key works, I do not consider myself a feminist (despite yesterday’s evidence) because….I find them loud and shouty and deliberately reactionaryI find that they alienate a lot of women and most men who aren’t […]

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  • Metta meditation of loving kindness

    Thank you for the support and interest in our circle of Deep Compassion. I know of two other circles and many individuals who will be joining us. I have already started receiving cards which I am compiling to give to the mother in mourning. (Please see my […]

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  • A Women’s Circle of Deep Compassion

    What can I do? That was my first question. A good friend approached me almost immediately she heard the news – you’re tapped into a large mother’s network in the area, what can we do? I felt blank. Empty. In complete shock. Helpless in the face of […]

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