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  • Creative Womens Circle

    Calling in the Creative Women’s Circle

    A vision keeps returning. Keeps demanding to be heard. In my head. In questions from others. Will you do more group calls? When are you going to teach writing? I need a creative circle… I have so much content ready to go but the thought […]

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  • Spectrum2

    Spectrum 2015 – Creativity and Healing

    I want to tell you about an amazing online gathering (workshop) of artists, healers and visionaries which I am SO excited to be part of… it’s been SO hard for me to keep it under wraps till now. On May 1, we will begin a […]

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  • Win A Scholarship

    Scholarship to Birthing Ourselves into Being

    Last Thursday I sat sobbing in sheer relief. My body responded with deep held recognition as I realised something big which had lain hidden in my body and psyche for my whole life. New insight fell into place about my birth and early childhood. The […]

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  • Revolutionary Thoughts: Doing it Together

    I am a lone wolf by nature. Who loves community. In truth I find trust hard. And know I can rely on myself to get shit done. I prefer to motor on ahead than spend hours in meetings where no decisions are reached, or pandering […]

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  • Red Tent Rising – A Resource-Full Post

    I am just getting the supplies ready for our very first red tent gathering… a box of womancraft books for the red tent library, a piece of embroidery for the centre piece, a welcome sign, some futons for resting and reading…. It will be the […]

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  • 12 books to change your life

    Books are my life! No really! I write them, review them, sell them professionally… and, of course, read for pleasure. I tend to have at least eight on the go at once! You might have noted in my Books for the Soul page that I refer […]

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  • Buried Treasure (1): Women’s Sacred Circles

    A new weekly slot here at Dreaming Aloud. Early blog posts which newer readers may have missed. I like to think of them as buried treasure!This was the first of my Dreaming aloud columns, published in JUNO magazine, Spring 2009. An adapted version is also […]

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  • This Sunday – International Be good to Yourself Day!

    Yesterday my book proposal headed off to its preferred publishers… Our boxes are unpacked… The sun is shining… We’re all healthy… Hurray!!!!! So I’m ready for the energy to flow even better.I am ready to get jamming with the Universe! So tomorrow, to mark Lughnasa, […]

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  • Need miracles in your life?: gotta getta goddess guide!

    I have just found MAGIC and I NEED to share it with you. Please forgive the gushing, breathless tone of sheer delight… but I have found something I have been looking for for 12 years. I have looked in books, in evening courses, in degrees, […]

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  • Moon time

    Moon time approaching, I am following the call inside to reflect, dream, vision and create for myself. I am taking time to read and reflect and create other stuff. I am back reading Red Moon: Understanding and using the creative, sexual and spiritual gifts of the menstrual […]

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