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  • Win A Scholarship

    Longing to be Held

    “In order to step out of our shells and into our greatness we need a place to be held whilst in the process of transformation. As we step beyond our self-imposed limitations, our learned smallness, inherited inadequacy, our culturally imposed confinement, our trauma and own […]

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  • LucyMoonTime

    Moon Time is re-born

      The second edition of my book, Moon Time, has LANDED! *STOP PRESS* THE NEW EDITION HAS HIT #1 on Amazon in its genre ALREADY!!! Moon Time shares a fully-embodied understanding of the menstrual cycle whether you’re struggling with PMS, coming off hormonal birth control, […]

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  • 3be4f732f16582978f21826e814255e6

    Birthing Ourselves into Being

    What does it mean to belong? To belong to a place? To a community? But even more importantly…What does it mean to belong to yourself? To be yourself so fully that you colour the world around you with your presence and passion? This is what […]

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  • Getting real about your needs

    Mummy is in love with daddy These words fill my heart with joy. This is all I wanted to know, to feel, as a little girl. We want to give our children what we never had. And now I have. This is normal for my […]

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  • Dearest Mama…

    Dearest mama, You started out with such high hopes, big dreams – how you would help the world to embrace your dear sweet children. You whispered your promises to them in the womb. Of how you would be the perfect mother – ever gentle, kind […]

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  • Lessons from the wise women of the web

    You do not have to be good – just follow the hunger Heather Plett – who opens with the following quote from my favourite poet,  Mary Oliver – You do not have to be good. You do not have to walk on your knees For a hundred miles through the […]

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  • If it feels hard…

    If it feels hard, then the chances are you’re breaking new ground. And not just for yourself…. Though that is accomplishment enough. You are also breaking ground for your family, perhaps for your community, perhaps even more people unknown in a wider circle of influence […]

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  • Just in case you didn’t know…

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  • A working definition of success

    Do you have a working definition of success? One that is all yours. That articulates your values and ambitions, not someone else’s in your family, or society at large? Have you taken time to evaluate the yardstick by which you measure your own success… or […]

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  • 7 Top money resources for creative entrepreneurs

    “When a deer drinks from a stream, the earth does not weep at the loss ofwater. The value is cyclical. The earth is thankful for the deer, the deer isthankful for the water. And the stream keeps flowing.” Tara Gentile, The Art of Earning image: […]

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