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    Dream Gathering 2014

    Where does any funky Irish-based, festival-loving dreamer hang out? At the Dream Gathering of course. Held on the weekend of the Super Moon. Despite having flu I was NOT going to miss Dream Gathering 2014, which I had booked early bird tickets for the whole […]

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  • Book review: Radical Homemakers

    YES! YES! YES!That’s what I think. With every page that I read. YES! That’s me! That’s why we’re doing it! That’s who we are! That’s how we live! It has reconfirmed our life path, our journey, our motivation, our daily choices to me.The back blurb […]

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    Fleeing Vesuvius:  Overcoming the risks of economic and environmental collapse Fleeing Vesuvius, published in Ireland by FEASTA*  is a book of its time, written by some of our brightest minds, for our people. Its stated aim “to arm its readers with the knowledge they need to […]

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  • Be Prepared (Part 3): Instead of Money

    Money, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn a rich man’s world A little Abba to brighten your day! Our global culture has moved from one in which indebtedness was considered a sin or a crime, to the past decade, where indebtedness became the norm. But now the chickens […]

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  • “Watch out, rocks ahead!”

    The jolt in our civilisation is much on my mind at the moment. Watching the Trillion Pound debt programme and reading Fleeing Vesuvius: Overcoming the Risks of Environmental and Economic Collapse, I am trying to arm myself with the facts. The scale of the figures […]

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  • Giving from the heart

    Despondent after another identi-kit party at an anonymous warehouse, sorry, play-centre, where the hostess gathered the vast gifts, no doubt mainly plastic and cardboard packaging, full of overpriced plastic toys, made by badly paid Chinese workers, I despaired. I didn’t know the child, didn’t know what […]

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    We had a book swap night last night here at the Pink House. A great way to recycle no longer wanted books, and pick up great new reads for free, and talk books with friends – what more can a girl want? The heady smell […]

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