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  • Joy

    Filling the You-Shaped Hole

    “The world has a you-shaped hole in it. It is missing what you see. It lacks what you know. And so you were called into being. To see the gap, to feel the pain of it, and to fill it. Filling it is speaking what […]

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  • Rainbowway

    Warning: This Book Could Change Your Life

    JUST 99p/ 99c ON KINDLE RIGHT NOW! Last week I heard from a mother who had read my book, The Rainbow Way: cultivating creativity in the midst of motherhood, and been inspired to quit her job to focus on making a living from […]

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  • Elena Ray Revolution Gift Economy

    Revolutionary Economics: Why The Gift Economy Is Not The Answer (right now anyway)

    I came across Mirror Living’s profoundly beautiful work in her recent guest post on Marketing For Hippies. I made contact with her straight away, as her message resonated so strongly with me and the ideas we have been exploring here on Dreaming Aloud about money, […]

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  • 1 20070120 Shanagarry 0213

    Why “Getting Back to Normal” is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make

    When we are sick, depressed, traumatised, grieving, in shock, we long to “get back to normal”… to get back to the way things were before. We yearn for it. And most people around us seem to be urging us to as well. We long for […]

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  • 1 P7230070


    Metamorphosis – Lucy Pearce We had caterpillars.  And then after increasing to more than triple their original size, they all crawled to the top of our gauze butterfly house. A silent migration. A day or two of stillness follows. No more incessant eating. Internal alchemy […]

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  • The confessions of a domesticated wild woman

    As we head into a New Year, my soul is calling to be free. I am so sick and tired. Literally and metaphorically. Tired, tired, tired of the complications of emotional relationships on every level. Tired of family. This Christmas season has been fraught in […]

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  • Children are for life… not just for Christmas

    “True dat!” As my brother would say. Though it feels like a life sentence at times. And then they are so sweet. So vulnerable. So funny. And my heart melts. And then again…

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  • Beware the troll!

    Who’s that trip trapping over my bridge? Well bugger off! I’m too tired to eat you. I feel as much like Christmas as… I’m too tired for metaphors. Is it just extreme tiredness, two migraines in a week and a deaf right ear, or is […]

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