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  • What if my life were a prayer?

    What if my life were a prayer? Those words floated into my mind this morning. The sun was streaming in the kitchen window over the greening trees and courting birds, and I felt my spirit rise to meet it. What if my life is a […]

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  • Losing my religion

    That’s me in the spotlight, That’s me in the corner,  losing my religion. (REM) I have a feeling that part of the problem with Christmas this year, is that it’s the first year in my life when I really, truly know that I don’t believe. […]

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  • The palm of god

    Regular readers of this blog will know these two  things about me:a) I do not subscribe to a particular religionb) I write quite a lot about god So it is with those provisos in place that I want to write about … the palm of […]

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  • The Tree of Knowledge- Another installment in my son’s quirky religious education

    So on Sunday we got the “rainbow book” out, on request of my Bible loving three-year-old (those of you of a religious persuasion will be reassured that we have my illustrated Good News version on our bookshelf – it has a picture of a rainbow […]

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  • God in the belly

    We had another God conversation yesterday. Me and my five-year-old uber-questioner (for our last see Jesus in a Spaceship). “God is in here”, he said, patting his belly, on the way home from another indoctrination at school. “So I guess that means he’s like a […]

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  • Jesus in a spaceship

    My son started at the local school this September. 95% of Irish schools are Catholic. Irish schools have a required 30 minutes daily religious instruction. However, we are not religious. How will this work we wonder… And so today, a conversation started in our house. “Who […]

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