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  • Osotr Launch 2

    Win a signed copy of The Other Side of the River

    It’s been oh so quiet around here as we’ve been beavering away on next Friday’s official launch of our new Womancraft Publishing book, The Other Side of the River: stories of women, water and the world by Eila Kundrie Carrico. I have high hopes for […]

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  • The Heart Of The Labyrinth Cover Front 72

    Womancraft Publishing: A Dream Come True

    Today we are celebrating the launch of our first book from our publishing imprint Read on to find out how you can win a copy! Looking back I don’t know quite know where the roots of this dream come true lie… Is it when I […]

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  • What if my life were a prayer?

    What if my life were a prayer? Those words floated into my mind this morning. The sun was streaming in the kitchen window over the greening trees and courting birds, and I felt my spirit rise to meet it. What if my life is a […]

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  • Losing my religion

    That’s me in the spotlight, That’s me in the corner,  losing my religion. (REM) I have a feeling that part of the problem with Christmas this year, is that it’s the first year in my life when I really, truly know that I don’t believe. […]

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  • The palm of god

    Regular readers of this blog will know these two  things about me:a) I do not subscribe to a particular religionb) I write quite a lot about god So it is with those provisos in place that I want to write about … the palm of […]

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  • This Sunday – International Be good to Yourself Day!

    Yesterday my book proposal headed off to its preferred publishers… Our boxes are unpacked… The sun is shining… We’re all healthy… Hurray!!!!! So I’m ready for the energy to flow even better.I am ready to get jamming with the Universe! So tomorrow, to mark Lughnasa, […]

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  • The Tree of Knowledge- Another installment in my son’s quirky religious education

    So on Sunday we got the “rainbow book” out, on request of my Bible loving three-year-old (those of you of a religious persuasion will be reassured that we have my illustrated Good News version on our bookshelf – it has a picture of a rainbow […]

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  • Are you a morning goddess?

    How do you start your morning? I know that how I start mine sets the tone for my day. A few moments mindful breathing and I am a far nicer mama. Hassle and whinge and jump on me and I’m set to banshee mode for the rest […]

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  • God in the belly

    We had another God conversation yesterday. Me and my five-year-old uber-questioner (for our last see Jesus in a Spaceship). “God is in here”, he said, patting his belly, on the way home from another indoctrination at school. “So I guess that means he’s like a […]

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  • Jesus in a spaceship

    My son started at the local school this September. 95% of Irish schools are Catholic. Irish schools have a required 30 minutes daily religious instruction. However, we are not religious. How will this work we wonder… And so today, a conversation started in our house. “Who […]

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