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    Preserving Our Heartlands

    Our inner landscapes mirror the outer landscapes in which we live. Eila Kundrie Carrico, The Other Side of the River I belong to this land. This I know as truth, each time I walk this stretch of sand between the land and the sea, is […]

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  • Ref6

    The Gayest Day in Irish History

    I went to bed at 1am last night. After a joyous evening of Eurovision and Twitter celebration. Seeing images of the rainbow-coloured flags flying over Dublin Castle. The rainbow-coloured balloons on the #HomeToVote trains from London. My husband rolled over and said – “You OK?” […]

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  • Yes


    It’s not everyday you get to create change on a national scale. Today is one of those days. One of those days which democracy rules… and the power is returned to the people. Use it well my friends.   Today Ireland votes whether or not […]

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  • Your2

    Move Over Facebook: Ethical Social Media is Here!

    I, like many of you, have a (slightly unhealthy) reliance on Facebook. I spend a lot of time there… working, networking and of course socialising. I love my Facebook tribes. But as a creative, world changer and dreamer I also have a hefty bunch of […]

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  • Pot Plant

    Why Women are Like House Plants

    As women we have been taught to step out of our power. In big ways and small, for most of our lives. Like plants that were once native to the jungles of hot steamy lands, which now languish potted in the corner of  a hot, […]

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    Shining a Light… On Women’s Shadows

    We’re entering challenging territory here. Territory which might provoke strong feelings. So just a reminder on how we rock at Dreaming Aloud: this is my safe space for dreaming… aloud. I share my process and ideas as they emerge in all their vulnerability and imperfection. […]

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    She Who DARES… Gets Destroyed… By Other Women

    Opening my inbox – Facebook or email – is filled with trepidation at the moment. The flip side of people knowing your work… is people thinking they have the right to attack you. Another woman. Not just a little bit miffed. But full of bile… […]

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  • Purging darkness

    As many of you may know we have been so hopeful about the promise of a new second level school in our local area, and active in our personal involvement in the campaign to make it an Educate Together school. It has been a strong […]

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  • The Voice of the Child… Really?

    Tomorrow we get to vote. In another flipping referendum. Ostensibly for ‘the voice of the child’.Who would oppose that, right?But what ARE we voting on? And why? And why now?  In the midst of economic meltdown. On something that no one knew needed changing. And most […]

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  • Active Birth – Mothering the Earth

    According to many 2012 is the year of the end. Of Life, the Universe and Everything. To quote Douglas Adams. Nah! I don’t buy it! But what if it were the year of birth? The year of possibility. The year where we acted to co-create the […]

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