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  • Beyond

    The Night of a Million Impossible Things

    The audience was transfixed as a lone figure appeared to break the known laws of the Universe… our eyes followed a plain piece of paper as it danced and flipped and twirled, cartwheeled and soared, attached to first the hand…and then the foot of a […]

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  • 20150612 225528

    Cork Midsummer Festival Burning Bright

    Tonight we headed up to the city for a night of art, in Cork, a former European City of Culture. Sometimes we forget just how great Cork city is. Having been spoiled by the wonders of London and Kyoto, it often pales in terms of […]

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  • LitFest Collage 4

    Passion in Colour – Food, Books and Art at Ballymaloe LitFest 2015

    This weekend is the 3rd annual Kerrygold Ballymaloe Literary Festival of Food and Wine – to give it its full title – LitFest to friends – foodie heaven, jam packed with inspiration round every corner and yumminess on every plate. It’s a place where I […]

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  • FinalFINALSpectrum2015Collective Collage 650x650

    Creativity and Healing – Course Starts May 1st

    On May 1st a fabulous six month course of creativity and healing begins – Spectrum 2015. I am so looking forward to it. It is just what I need… you too perhaps? Spectrum 2015 is a 6 month online journey guided by 25 artists, healers […]

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  • 1 P7120004

    Dream Gathering 2014

    Where does any funky Irish-based, festival-loving dreamer hang out? At the Dream Gathering of course. Held on the weekend of the Super Moon. Despite having flu I was NOT going to miss Dream Gathering 2014, which I had booked early bird tickets for the whole […]

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  • Dublin

    Full Circle: Circus: Sweet Freedom

    From as young as I remember there was circus. Every summer with in Ireland the traveling circuses visited our area, and we would go. My father, who I only got for weeks each year, whose presence was like the sun to me, would offer his […]

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  • A pot-tea place!

    What I want from a cafe is a home away from home. A place to go to chat with friends, to linger, and to treat myself and not have to clear up afterwards. I bake well at home, very well, so the cake has got […]

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  • Fresh and good

    Every time I feel too tired to cook I yearn for the wonderful takeaways we had on our travels in Australia – gorgeous fresh fruit salads with yogurt, fresh vegetarian Indian, Korean, Greek, smoothies, wonderful wholesome salads, sushi galore, stir fried noodles, all freshly made […]

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  • A Secret Garden Supper

    Once in a while magic happens. This seems to happen more often than one would expect at Ballymaloe Cookery School. Which is great for us, because we live just next door. I LOVE that! A lesson which life has taught me is: when you spot […]

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  • Our Daily Bread

    I have just watched a documentary called Our Daily Bread.No music. No commentary. The director has let the images speak for themselves.And what images. Simply recording what happens in the fields and factories around the world which run our agribusiness and keep food cheap. If […]

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