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  • Moonlight blessings

    Full moon, fill me full…of love, of courage, of delight. Full moon fill me full of luminous magical moon light. Harvesting hopes, visioning dreams The wise women circle and sway Points of light around the worldGathering herbs and dancing in roundsTo welcome a brighter day […]

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  • Something for the weekend: Desiderata

    Desiderata  (from the Latin for ‘things desired as essential’) Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; […]

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  • Poetry of a Hobo Mama: book review

    And so, for your delectation, a new collection of poems by one of the blogging queens of the natural parenting sorority and co-hostess of the Carnival of Natural Parenting. Lauren Wayne who blogs at Hobo Mama. has taken the big step of crossing over from the virtual […]

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  • You are not a victim

    A message for those in turmoil or mental crisis Greetings. You have been blessed with a journey few are deemed wise enough to take. A journey to the dark side of the mind. Treat your opportunity as such… THIS is the moment you life has […]

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  • Bodies of light

    A dream I am wondering how to make amends.  Not even for my actions, but thoughts. Thoughts I had considered inconsequential at the time, But they are silent rocks to my soul it seems. Before meI see People walking away, Their bodies unravelling  Like the […]

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  • The waves and the shore

    I am the shore, the stony shore,Rocky, hardened by time.Impenetrable.You, my children, the wavesThe ever-crashing, bashing, smashing waves. The infinite ocean of your possibilities leads as far as the eye can seeSometimes grey and stormy,Sometimes calm and blueEver changing, ever changing. Sometimes throwing up seaweed, […]

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