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  • Rainbowway

    Warning: This Book Could Change Your Life

    JUST 99p/ 99c ON KINDLE RIGHT NOW! Last week I heard from a mother who had read my book, The Rainbow Way: cultivating creativity in the midst of motherhood, and been inspired to quit her job to focus on making a living from […]

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  • 3 IMG 2674

    Ten Ways To Work In The Spirit Of The Gift

    This is Part 2  of Mirror Living’s guest post on Revolutionary Economics. See Part 1 HERE. Her ideas have inspired me this week in how I have shared my Be Your Own Publisher course – which now has 40 enrolled students. You can join us […]

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  • Elena Ray Revolution Gift Economy

    Revolutionary Economics: Why The Gift Economy Is Not The Answer (right now anyway)

    I came across Mirror Living’s profoundly beautiful work in her recent guest post on Marketing For Hippies. I made contact with her straight away, as her message resonated so strongly with me and the ideas we have been exploring here on Dreaming Aloud about money, […]

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  • Untitled Design12

    A Creative Leap of Faith

    We are preparing to LEAP! The school holidays start today. And at the end of them lies a whole new horizon. With three children at school, our own creative partnership writing/ editing/ publishing/ creative mentoring with Lucent Word becomes our full reality. My subconscious has […]

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  • Saying “Yes!” to your mission

    When trying to explain my lack of confidence with my creative work to a friend today, a sudden realisation hit me. I totally believe in my work. I am totally committed to it. I do it pretty much every waking moment that I can. It […]

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  • Radical Homemakers (2) Value beyond Money

    If our freedom is tied to the ability to buy what we need, then we are not independent at all. Radical Homemakers My time is a precious commodity. I have never been willing to take on a career which ruled my life, though the necessity […]

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  • Radical Homemaking Week: (1) Beyond Housewives and Feminism

    Welcome to Radical Homemaking week here at Dreaming Aloud! For an introduction to the Radical Homemakers book see here…   IS THIS IT? I wrote in my journal a few weeks back, after weeks of being housebound with a sick family and icy roads. Endless cooking, cleaning, tidying, […]

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  • Book review: Radical Homemakers

    YES! YES! YES!That’s what I think. With every page that I read. YES! That’s me! That’s why we’re doing it! That’s who we are! That’s how we live! It has reconfirmed our life path, our journey, our motivation, our daily choices to me.The back blurb […]

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  • Be Prepared (Part 3): Instead of Money

    Money, money, moneyAlways sunnyIn a rich man’s world A little Abba to brighten your day! Our global culture has moved from one in which indebtedness was considered a sin or a crime, to the past decade, where indebtedness became the norm. But now the chickens […]

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  • Be Prepared (2): Skills for Resilient Families

    It is my belief that the most important investment you can make for yourself, your family, your community is in yourself. Learning new skills and then sharing them with others, either through your work, or by teaching them to others. This, regardless of what sort […]

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