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    Moods of Motherhood

    Moods of Motherhood charts the inner journey of motherhood, giving voice to the often nebulous, unspoken tumble of emotions that motherhood evokes: tenderness, frustration, joy, grief, depression, playfulness and love. She explores the taboo subjects of maternal ambiguity, competitiveness, and the quest for perfection, offering […]

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    Bargain Resources for Mamas

    Being a mother What does it mean to be a mother? It is more than a name. More than a job. More than a role. It is an art form. A meditative practice in the school of life. It is a life’s work which changes […]

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  • Breastfeeding – No hardlines here…just plenty of soft curves!

    As regular readers and good friends know, the one thing you don’t find here is hardlines, or heavy dogma. Lots of ranting, and U turns and experiments and latest passions. A pretty hop and skip over the picket fence and back which divides the mainstream […]

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  • Mother tongue – a positive vocabulary of mothering

    “We live in an articulate society, continually questioning ourselves and each other. It is not fair to leave a new mother with a horrific collection of words to condemn her – and almost nothing in the way of praise for when she is doing something […]

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  • Adventures without sleep

    Adventures without Sleep: how to survive a nightwaking child -2000 word article -published in JUNO, Winter 2010 WHOEVER COINED THE phrase “sleeping like a baby” was not, I would bet, a parent. Of course, there are some who are blessed with wonder-babies who sleep through the […]

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  • Breastfeeding myths busted

    Breastfeeding myths – busted – 1000 word article, published in Modern Mum The hospital, your doctor, everyone will tell you when you’re pregnant: breast is best. However, because breastfeeding has been a dying art for so long in our culture, many of the common myths […]

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