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  • Spectrum2

    Spectrum 2015 – Creativity and Healing

    I want to tell you about an amazing online gathering (workshop) of artists, healers and visionaries which I am SO excited to be part of… it’s been SO hard for me to keep it under wraps till now. On May 1, we will begin a […]

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  • Win A Scholarship

    Scholarship to Birthing Ourselves into Being

    Last Thursday I sat sobbing in sheer relief. My body responded with deep held recognition as I realised something big which had lain hidden in my body and psyche for my whole life. New insight fell into place about my birth and early childhood. The […]

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  • Untitled Design6


    I have spent the past decade unlearning who I was. You know me as a writer who writes books and blog posts about women and creativity and taboo from personal experience. I now write in my mother tongue… a strange mish mash of intuitive poetry, […]

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  • Purging darkness

    As many of you may know we have been so hopeful about the promise of a new second level school in our local area, and active in our personal involvement in the campaign to make it an Educate Together school. It has been a strong […]

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  • The 12 books that rocked my 2012

    So I’ve had a few comments and emails asking for another post on books. Seems you know I love ’em, and want to know what I’ve been reading and what I recommend. My problem is I read so much, both for my writing work, reviewing […]

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  • My transformational teachers of 2013

    It may be a little early in the year to write this. But what the hell. I’m buzzing about who I’m working with this year and so I wanted to share it with you like, NOW!!!! It seems to have become a sort of tradition […]

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  • Thank fuck for school

    Its Monday morning. The house is quiet. Our two older kids are at school. And I think: thank fuck! I bitch and whine and whinge and moan about school. About the amount of colouring in, religious dogma, early mornings, lack of creativity and imagination… But […]

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  • Damn Compulsory Education – Part 2

    So I keep being asked how it goes. With the whole school thing. (For Part 1 see here) The short answer is… it goes. The long answer is it’s been a pretty shit week in my world. I have felt in conflict with my husband […]

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  • Damn Compulsory Education

    We are struggling at the moment. Really struggling. To send our two children to school. It is compulsory education. For them, for us. This does not feel good.  For two mornings in a row we have spent 1 1/2 hours cajoling and forcing them into uniforms. […]

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  • My top transformational teachers of 2012

    When the student is ready, the teacher comes along. So goes the saying. This has been a year of profound transformation for me – in terms of work, money, creativity and self-image. And I really wanted to share with you some of the teachers who have […]

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