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    The Game of Life

    Our family’s favourite game at the moment is the Game of Life. That ’80s classic board game, which I in turn loved as a child. It’s a great allegory for this game… we call life. We take it all so seriously. But it is just […]

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  • Kid-speak

    My brother called cucumber “bocum” when he was two. He has just turned 20 and the whole family still calls it bocum! This post is a celebration of kid-speak. Those precious words, you know, the ones your child makes up, or muddles up, that bring […]

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  • The Scum of the Universe

    I take a break from my usual sweetness and light to go on an all out attack on the scum of the universe. Spammers. Numerous times a day I have to delete their gobbledegook, badly spelled, ungrammatical insults from my inbox. Take the most recent […]

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  • To all those who say “it doesn’t get any easier”

    To all those who say “it doesn’t get any easier, just different.” I say bollocks. And so does Mr Dreaming Aloud. As do many of our friends. We say – you forget just how hard little children were. Or perhaps you truly were lucky enough […]

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  • Operation Christmas Spirit

    Operation Christmas spirit: this is my last ditch attempt to feel festive, after feeling decidedly meh! after the pottery Christmas party yesterday. So up with kiddies at 8.30, despite a lousy night, despite it being my writing day. And straight into the kitchen. I unleashed […]

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  • Children are for life… not just for Christmas

    “True dat!” As my brother would say. Though it feels like a life sentence at times. And then they are so sweet. So vulnerable. So funny. And my heart melts. And then again…

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  • Ta-da!

    That is our baby’s most recent “word”. She drops something on the floor – “ta-da!” She puts cereal in her cup of juice “ta-da!” So mama bear and dada bear were making the baby bears’ beds. Mama bear and dada bear start to get snuggly […]

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  • The Tree of Knowledge- Another installment in my son’s quirky religious education

    So on Sunday we got the “rainbow book” out, on request of my Bible loving three-year-old (those of you of a religious persuasion will be reassured that we have my illustrated Good News version on our bookshelf – it has a picture of a rainbow […]

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  • The Irish namaste!

    There is a custom here in rural Ireland. A quaint one, which speaks of a time when everyone knew everyone else. It is the culchie* salute – the greeting of country dwellers. Every driver greets every other driver, cyclist, pedestrian by raising their hand as […]

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  • Say what? “For a Dirty Toilet User…”

    A continuation of the Wordless Wednesday theme: it contains lots of words and is not published on a Wednesday! I was looking for an appropriate image to accompany a new feature on love letters. And came across this. The opposite of a love letter! A […]

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