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  • 20 Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety And1

    20 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety and Network Like a Pro

    Do you struggle with making conversations with strangers? Does the thought of a party or networking event have you running for the nearest place to hide? Does your mouth dry up, your body start shaking, your mind go blank, and you feel like you might […]

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  • Untitled Design9

    Pass the Cake

    Those who know me know my passion for baking… and eating cake. It is no mistake that I earned the soubriquet “The Queen of Puddings” from a good friend… and even started a baking blog of the same name! But now cake is unfortunately the […]

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  • Swallowing god

    This is what came to me. When I pondered my thoughts and feelings on the last post about whether I needed to lose weight. Rather than starve myself,  and punish myself for being greedy, fat, lazy, as I previously always have in my body image […]

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  • The power of love

    And when I feel uncertain, And when I feel unsure, I return to the heartbeat,  I return to the womb. Blessingway Songs: Copperwoman The first thing our children know is our heartbeat: the rhythm of life. Constant, soothing, lulling, omnipresent, it is the soundtrack to […]

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  • I can’t cope: dealing with overwhelm

    As a house full of highly sensitive people*(see end), overwhelm is something we deal with on a daily basis. I have begun to realise that it is not just my kids’ high sensitivities that I need to be aware of in how our days go, […]

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