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  • Spectrum2

    Spectrum 2015 – Creativity and Healing

    I want to tell you about an amazing online gathering (workshop) of artists, healers and visionaries which I am SO excited to be part of… it’s been SO hard for me to keep it under wraps till now. On May 1, we will begin a […]

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  • 1 P7230070


    Metamorphosis – Lucy Pearce We had caterpillars.  And then after increasing to more than triple their original size, they all crawled to the top of our gauze butterfly house. A silent migration. A day or two of stillness follows. No more incessant eating. Internal alchemy […]

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  • 1 P7120004

    Dream Gathering 2014

    Where does any funky Irish-based, festival-loving dreamer hang out? At the Dream Gathering of course. Held on the weekend of the Super Moon. Despite having flu I was NOT going to miss Dream Gathering 2014, which I had booked early bird tickets for the whole […]

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  • Untitled Design6


    I have spent the past decade unlearning who I was. You know me as a writer who writes books and blog posts about women and creativity and taboo from personal experience. I now write in my mother tongue… a strange mish mash of intuitive poetry, […]

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  • Joy Pockets: two dreams in one week

    Last week was one enormous joy pocket, two dreams come true, and so I am departing from the normal Joy Pockets format to share them with you. When I was a little girl, aged 7 and 8,  I used to play by myself in the […]

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    The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers.  But above all, the world needs dreamers who do.   ~Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance What I love about my work is that in doing it I come across other like minded people around the world, dreaming the […]

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  • Coming home to ourselves

    (1500 word article, first published in JUNO) I am an old-school Romantic. At university I fell in love twice: first with my husband and then the European Romantics and American Transcendentalists: Emerson, Thoreau, Schelling, Coleridge etc. Through their nearly 200 year old words I discovered […]

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  • Starting out

    After a couple of years of resisting a blog, I am diving head first in. This is mainly because getting round to writing for publication is seeming a more distant reality by the day. So rather than park my musings all alone on my computer, […]

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