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  • Resources For Those Who Are Grieving...

    Resources For Those Who Grieve

    What can I do? This is the first concern that hits most of us when we hear that someone we love is dying. Or someone we know has lost someone near to them. We don’t have many established customs for grief or supporting the grieving. […]

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    Why “Getting Back to Normal” is the Biggest Mistake You Can Make

    When we are sick, depressed, traumatised, grieving, in shock, we long to “get back to normal”… to get back to the way things were before. We yearn for it. And most people around us seem to be urging us to as well. We long for […]

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  • The kiss of death

    The kiss of deathLingers on my heartI did not see it comingNor invite it in.Few of us do.But it is there, indelible,And to my surprise its message is…Dance whilst you canNot because you should or you oughtBut because the song in your heartThe rhythm of […]

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  • You are not a victim

    A message for those in turmoil or mental crisis Greetings. You have been blessed with a journey few are deemed wise enough to take. A journey to the dark side of the mind. Treat your opportunity as such… THIS is the moment you life has […]

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  • Life lessons from an elder

    Leonora – I shall call her that, as she is not one for being in the spotlight – is a constant wonder and inspiration. She is a woman of quiet creativity with a simple but beautiful home, a humble spirit, a childlike enthusiasm for the world. […]

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  • A Women’s Circle of Deep Compassion

    What can I do? That was my first question. A good friend approached me almost immediately she heard the news – you’re tapped into a large mother’s network in the area, what can we do? I felt blank. Empty. In complete shock. Helpless in the face of […]

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  • The grieving mother soul

    For Una, and all who grieve, I send you a prayer with every breath. I cannot begin to comprehend your pain, the scale of your loss. The storm winds of the mother soul howled around this house last night, and every other house in the […]

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