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  • Cherry

    Pay Attention to What they Tell You to Forget

    “Pay attention to what they tell you to forget.” Muriel Rukeyser Pay attention to the sadness in your heart, the numbness of your soul. To the places they tell you not to look. Do not avert your eyes. But breathe deep and look deeper. Pay […]

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  • If I Could Have Just One Room

    The lovely Georgie over at the uber beautiful blog Visual Toast tagged me in her post If I Could Have Just One Room. And I just had to do my own version… if nothing else than to justify my many misspent hours drooling over Pinterest – though […]

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  • I love…

    I love…peacocks, writing, the tea house, homemade cake, caramel, baby curls, circles, painting with my fingers, turquoise, Nina Simone, islands, the sea, white doves in flight, cherry trees in blossom, dark chocolate with orange, kissing squidgy flesh, fragrant roses, hot baths, conkers, circuses, stirring bubbling […]

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  • Everyday Zen in Practice

    Blessings on the blossom, Blessings on the root, Blessings on the leaf and stem, Blessings on  the fruit.

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  • Everyday Zen

    We are a household whose tidy skills are not our forte, nor our priority (as this blog has documented here and here). We were messy before we had kids. But now it is not just adult mess, it is a typhoon of little clothes, pencils, […]

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  • Random acts of beauty

    Most have heard of the concept of random acts of kindness. It is a popular one. But, Oliver Burkeman in his book Help! (which I am really enjoying at the moment) reflects that random acts of kindness can often freak strangers out – our immediate response […]

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  • Art for the heart

    I am feeling congested, bunged up physically, and the house is reflecting this state. Inside and outside my space things need shifting, beauty needs spaces where grot and practicality currently reside. My soul needs space to rest, to fly, to dream, to soar… Our house […]

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  • Threading beauty

    Today we made a blossom garland to celebrate SpringWhat fun, threading beauty on a string.

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