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    The Game of Life

    Our family’s favourite game at the moment is the Game of Life. That ’80s classic board game, which I in turn loved as a child. It’s a great allegory for this game… we call life. We take it all so seriously. But it is just […]

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  • Dear Blogger…12 Reasons Why I Don’t Comment on Your Blog

    Hey there, I’ve been reading you for ages… but we’ve never met. You’ve made me laugh till the wee ran down my legs. You’ve made me cry, big bawling snotty sobs, sending me to bed with a racing head and aching heart. You’ve made me […]

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  • Hairy guacamole, Batman!

    So there I was, sitting in a bath of vegetable blobs when I thought, maybe this is not such a good idea. If I had a penis I would have just poured myself a tequila half an hour ago. Because a man, if he sees […]

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  • Those infamous words: let’s make a gingerbread house

    We are totally addicted to Masterchef in this house – a TV cooking show where the contestants are pushed to the limits of endurance, before having their dishes picked apart by the odd couple of Michel Roux Jr, and Fat-Boy-who-the-fuck-is-he-anyway-Greg-Wallace. But I always say, that […]

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  • The Scum of the Universe

    I take a break from my usual sweetness and light to go on an all out attack on the scum of the universe. Spammers. Numerous times a day I have to delete their gobbledegook, badly spelled, ungrammatical insults from my inbox. Take the most recent […]

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  • The Dog’s Vagina

    Have you ever been hugged in your inbox? I know, it sounds a bit dodgy. But it’s wonderful. You go to your inbox, expecting the usual deluge of penile enhancement… (ASIDE) “Yo, mo-fo! I have a VAGINA! Get that, I don’t need no enhancement. I […]

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  • The things that make me go – arrrrgggghhhh!

    Today, for one day we only, we have the antithesis of Joy Pockets. Which could be otherwise known as the grumble bellies. We all have ’em, the irrational things that make us go arrrggghhh! So I thought it would be fun to share my own […]

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  • The Queen of Half Assed

    AKA “She who starts with a flourish, gives up half way through, hacks it all together, and ends up quite pleased with the rushed finish job – which is always imperfect”. I just needed to reassure you all – the reason I’m an “inspiring blogger” […]

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  • Name your price

    Do you know the Universe’s favourite joke? It’s a one liner. Told ad infinitum. Even though I don’t seem to find it hugely amusing.See if you recognise it! This little routine goes something like this: Me: I want to write a book (teach a course, […]

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  • When it all goes right

    This past few days has been so extraordinarily wonderful, that I feel called to do a mid week, extended joy pockets, to give up my gratitude to the universe. But first, a disclaimer. What I am about to say, as far as the gods of […]

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