Reaching for the Moon Reviews

Reaching for the Moon – Reviews

I read it this morning. And cried! I cried happy tears that this message was being delivered to girls. It is a message of wonder, empowerment, magic and beauty in the shared secrets of our femininity.

Whereas I had previously felt confident about guiding my daughter towards womanhood, I now recognise it as a privilege, a gift, a special kind of magic. I owe that to the author, Lucy Pearce, and her wise words.

It is a book written to encourage pre-pubescent and adolescent girls to embrace their transition to womanhood in a knowledgeable, supported, loving way.

The Loving


This is the most incredible book for young girls about to enter their moon time.
Lucy speaks about menstruation in such a positive light, and offers such great wisdom.
Every mother of a tween age girl should have this book on hand.

Twig and Toadstool


A wonderful book that invites girls to celebrate womanly wonders. It is written from an open heart with love, respect, nurture and never condescension or authority.

This is truly beautiful and I look forward to discussing it with my daughter when the time is right.

This book contains so much value and I recommend it to all mothers of daughters (read it first then pass it to her) or to girls who wish to know more about the magic of their bodies.

VickyB, Amazon Review


I have a ten year old daughter and over the past six months I have been looking for books suitable for her age that we could read together, and/or that she could read independently, about menstruation and coming of age. I purchased 8 books here on Amazon – many of which had numerous raving reviews. But I struggled to like or connect with any of them. Much less want to share them with my daughter. Most were crass and written from an overtly sexualised point of view – trying to be ‘cool’ rather than authentic.

Then I ordered Reaching for the Moon. As soon as I started reading this book it became apparent that it was very different from the rest. It is written in a way that not only honours the rite of passage of menstruation, but also the young girl going through these massive changes in her life. The book is very gentle, each page is filled with wisdom. It covers everything that a young girl of 9-13 needs to know. As a companion to open discussion, it is everything one could want from a coming of age guide. My daughter has now read Reaching for the Moon many times. We have shared some really beautiful conversations prompted by this book.

I am going to buy Reaching for the Moon as a gift to all my friends with daughters.

Sekura, Amazon Review


What I appreciate the most out of this book, is that it didn’t feel like an adult talking down to a child. It reads like a woman talking to a young woman {on the verge of womanhood} as an equal, as a sister.. exactly as it should be. Inviting her in to the world that awaits her, age appropriate, with a bit of the secrecy of the fascinating world it is to be a woman. Exactly like being welcomed in to the red tent.. I remember so distinctly being in the circle of my mother and her friends, all talking wildly about their lives- and me, tucked close to my mother’s side.. wide eyed and feeling so proud to be able to sit out with them, instead of in the house with the babies. I was far from my first moon… but to be treated as a woman among them, respected and talked to as if I was a woman as well was an incredibly empowering feeling. This book IS that.

I look forward to the day that I get to wrap this book up and send it with other special gifts to my niece, and then too, my own daughter.

A beautiful gift for girls, to start to understand the enormity and beauty that lies within their incredible bodies. To honour and treasure themselves. A gentle, and powerful bit of wisdom to gift to a girl in such a sweet transitional time in her life, something that she will always remember.

E. Darcy, Amazon Review


I absolutely love this book, it is a treasure. It really communicates with young girls how to honour their moon time, expressed in such a tender loving way.

Donna Virgilio,


Lucy’s book is the book I wish I had read before I started my own menstruation – it would definitely have saved me some of the embarrassment, shame and guilt attached to stepping into womanhood. This book is a treasure. I hope it is spread far and wide and feel excited about the magic and understanding it will weave in the lives of every girl who reads it.

P. Cleary, Amazon Review

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