About me

Who is Lucy H. Pearce?

That’s a question I regularly ask myself! I’m a creative dynamo with a medley of miscellaneous talents, which even when put in bullet points can seem rather convoluted… but here goes:

  • Book lover: author of eight books and counting, founding publisher at Womancraft Publishing, editor, seller of and self-appointed book medicine woman…
  • Vibrant visual artist, painter of lost archetypes of the feminine. Creator of natural spirals in the landscape.
  • Lover of all things rainbow coloured.
  • Compulsively vulnerable, addicted to authenticity. Raw. Honest. Scared of most things.
  • Mama of three creative kids. Married to Mr Dreaming Aloud, life partner and creative partner at Lucent Word and Womancraft Publishing.
  • Anglo-Irish, with deep Celtic roots… lives in a little pink house by the sea in East Cork, Ireland.
  • Third generation creative entrepreneur and creative rainbow mother, famous potter’s daughter, glass-blower’s niece and injured top snowboarder’s cousin.
  • An academic type who fought to take art. Award-winning First Class graduate in literature and history of ideas, Cambridge-educated teacher and drama school dropout.
  • Gemini, Monkey, Aspie, INFJ, HSP.
  • Wearer of flowing hippy skirts, vibrant scarves and funky necklaces.
  • And in case you were wondering – the H stands for Helen… named Lucy Helen after her grandmother who died before her namesake was born: educator, writer, thinker, group organiser, strong-minded woman and great cook …people often remark on their similarities.

Lucy loves… books, walking the beach and picking up pebbles, circus, cake, sea glass, stormy nights, stand up comedy, full moons, Pinterest, spontaneous celebrations, spirals, mandalas, cocktails in the sun, peacock feathers, labyrinths, paint on her hands, women’s empowerment, cafes, trees, circle dancing …

[info_box]Copyright statement I am touched and honoured that you would like to share my work. I am happy for you to quote my words, or reproduce my images on a non-commercial basis – once you ensure that you name me as the creator of what you share and link back to my website. Do leave me a comment, or shoot me an email with a link to your work. For commercial uses of my work please contact me. lucy@womancraftpublishing.com[/info_box]

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