Welcome to my space…

A place of revolutionary thoughts, burning words and bright ideas.

This is a paradigm-shifter’s dream space

An edgewalker’s notebook

A maven’s passion place

A liminal space where the inner and outer worlds collide

A work in endless progress where I call new visions into being.

Here I share my explorations as an apprentice to the creative process…the heart, soul and guts of what it means to live creatively in a world in transition. The reality of what it means to embody the feminine in a world that has long foresaken it.

This is a story of awakening within a world gone mad.

When we are called to be artists and writers, we are called to heal: to create and heal are one. Both take the courage to break with the old stories and write brave new tales in our own hand, speak new truths into being with our own voice.

What we learn internally in our art practice, in our personal healing, in self expression, is the training ground for the courageous, creative act that will re-make our world and lead revolutions: inner revolution must always preceded external revolutions if they are to be radical and systemic.

It take courage to question what has always been a given, unquestionable reality… then it takes far more to traverse the darkness – we may feel crazy or alone – this is why community of fellow revolutionaries is so vital, supportive and nourishing on the journey.

This is not a place of superficial perfection but of deep journeying. It is process, and process is often messy. Here we delve into the rawness of life, the stories left untold and unspoken, into the feelings we are told we are not supposed to feel, the things we know that we are not supposed to know. We celebrate the exploration of what goes on unseen, unspoken, under the skin of life, our culture, the creative process, revelling in the taboo to find the power in the places they tell us not to look, the stones that remain unturned in our lives.

This space asks us to start now – not next year, not when we’re perfect, or when we have everything all set, not when we have the money or the childcare. It asks us to

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

It says that you are enough, as you are. Right now. You do not need to do anything else, or be anything like anyone else.

You are exactly what’s needed.

You have permission.

And when you dare to give voice to your dreams, when you dare to believe, when you dare to take action… the world opens up before you. It is possible and necessary that you shape your life to fit yourself, rather than yourself to fit life. We’re longing for you to show up all your colours rather than live the grey life prescribed by the patriarchy. Change starts with your voice. Your actions. And it starts now.

Stepping into your power is a life-long practice, not a one-time thing.

We cannot, are not meant to do it all alone. And never were.

We are not responsible for changing the world single handed by Saturday afternoon.

All this and more is the story of Dreaming Aloud – told through my own personal explorations with the creative process… as writer, artist, publisher, teacher, mother, cultural revolutionary, misfit and dreamer.

This is an honest account of living in these transition times, of walking in the dark and dreaming a brighter future.

Moving beyond -isms, beyond dogma, beyond instinctive reactions to words and ideas and into the stories beyond our stories, and on into interconnected authenticity. Discovering new technologies and resources, lifting each other up, collaborating, creating community.

This is the place for…dreaming new dreams…wondering what if… letting go of what has been… asking questions…living answers…questioning orthodoxy… diving deep… speaking truth…sharing ideas…  and understanding the creative process better.

Dreaming Aloud is a creative incubator for understanding the reality of co-creating a new culture which supports and sustains – one connected to its own rhythms and seasons, by people who are connected to their bodies and souls. Who are committed to dreaming and creating and building communities…. A world beyond the grey vision of today – an integrated world, a connect world, a sustainable world – a world made in our best and most beautiful vision. A world that’s not afraid of the dark…. that knows that within the shadow lies the potential for transformation, that healing can be messy, that chaos is as crucial as order, that intimacy is as vital extraversion.

Here we know that those who hold visions often struggle with madness and this is a gift to be cherished and understood not shamed and hidden – it is a place to come for guidance, support and a sense of me too, I’m not alone. We are in this together.

You are welcome here. We have been longing to meet you.

So lay your inner critic at the threshold and dare to step into vulnerability with us, into the space of what if, into the land of vast potential and the lakes of longing. Allow your soul to find its heartland, to remember what it means to celebrate and mourn, to birth and die, to create and let go – to follow the river of desire and breathe inspiration onto the embers of delight.

Dreaming is allowed here. It is recognised for what it is: the twin sister of reality – the conjoined twin of destiny.

Step into possibility with us, dream weaver.

Let worldly limitations fall away. The lines that divide life from art, amateur from professional, dream from reality do not apply here. Here we know from lived experience that the creative impulse is life itself – we access it through our creativity, our spirituality and our sexuality. Each are ways of exploring the infinite and surrendering to the mystery, playing peekaboo with the divine and dissolving into ecstasy. Each is a way to drop our everyday masks and tiptoe into our larger multidimensional selves.

This is a place of raw divinity. Imaginal cells forming a new a wondrous expression of consciousness which has never before existed on the planet.

I ask that we set down the heavy mantle of having to be good enough, right, perfect, better.

Here we are all beginners playing in the sandbox. Here we are all taking a moment to play hopscotch on the road, in the bigger journey of walking each other home.

Welcome home.